Monday, May 2, 2016

Week 81~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez

So this week went very, very slow... I don't know if its because we are very excited to talk with you guys or the fact that its starting to get very hot here! But the week went very slow. But after all it was a good week, we were focusing a lot on Luis because his baptismal date is for Saturday. So we talked to him about that and he was doubting about if he would be baptized Saturday, so we started asking why and whats the problem? he answered that he feels good and knows that its true but he is scared of failing after his baptism, so we explained that the Holy Ghost will be there to bless him in his life in the way he lives, the choices he makes, and the friends he will make also. After that we asked if he would baptize on Saturday and he said he would be working so we put the date as Friday and he said YES!! haha he is a great kid! His dad is going to baptize him, (his dad is a recent convert!)  

So we didn't find the family of the girls this week, and they didn't come to church either, neither did Hugo. But we are going to find them and help them in their needs! I do know that the 17yr old girl is doing a beauty pageant and it ends on Monday, so we might be able to catch up with them after that. 

Also this week we have encountered a lot of atheist, but these atheist want to know if God exists, they are 2 sisters that we just began teaching this week and they literally don't have very much faith because she wants to know how every thing works scientifically. So we are just teaching things very basic with them, like prayer and the holy ghost, so they can develop a relationship with God! But they are seeing little things, like one sister told us that she always runs the people off that bring the word of god, but with us she didn't and she thinks there's a reason for it! Well I Know there's a reason, This is the True gospel of Jesus Christ!! There are angels preparing the hearts of men to hear our message! I am really enjoying my time on my mission! Love you all and I want to wish a "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY" to all the moms in the world, especially to MY loving, 2000 stripling WARRIOR type of mom that I HAVE! I have learned a lot from the things she has taught me, showed me, and gave me in my life! I miss kissing your cheek mom, and I miss you yelling my name, "TREV--OR!" I miss hearing your laugh, but mostly I miss your hugs.  I Love You Mom!! See you all soon! 

Elder Horlacher
 My companion and I, check out those waffles!!!!

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