Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 14-Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

Hi Mom. I am glad that you liked the pictures, and well ya I think the pills helped me sleep, and ya I sleep like a champ in my bed now! (When we packed for his mission, many missionary moms suggested that we send Melatonin with our missionaries because they sometimes have a hard time sleeping with all of the stress of learning the lessons and language. He got a new mattress and it was killing his back and he hadn't been able to sleep, so that's what he's talking about) I got the pictures of me surfing with grandpa watching me from heaven, and I think I'm going to make one of them into a cover for my planner! I REALLY like those pictures!  

WE SENT TREVOR A PACKAGE & he sent a video when he got the brown sugar. He saw that the brown sugar said "LIGHT" Brown Sugar and he instantly thought that it was a FAT joke. He's never seen the brown sugar in the bag so he didn't know that it was about the color of the sugar. We laughed and laughed!!
Thanks I love the ties and so does everyone else! ooo ok thanks mom for the brown sugar! and the shirts are great!!! exactly what i wanted! and the garbage is great Elder Cruz loves it haha , Oreos were a dream, I already finished them :( but ya wow, and the Liahona magazine, we have them here mom so don't worry about sending those... but thanks I have a personal General Conference one now:)
(I sent Trevor a voice recorder and this is what he sent me, not bad for the 1st one)

Hello everybody, this week has been really weird and good at the same time, First off with Alfonso he was never really home and his phone was always turned off when we went to go visit him. So we never got to teach him again. I don't know he kind of disappeared for this week. Then after church today we were walking down the street and we saw him walking so we hurried up and caught up to him and asked him how he was doing and such. And he pretty much cussed us out and told us that we were of THE DEVIL and we were NOTHING but FIRE. Soooo ya that's a 3rd time he has told us that he didn't want ANYTHING to do with us. 
So I guess we will see where that goes. 

Other than that we have been teaching a less active family and they have a grandson that is a non-member who hasn't been baptized, he's 9 yrs old. And he's actually REALLY smart and wants to be baptized so we are teaching him the lessons right now and trying to reactivate his family. But his parents are having a really hard time, His dad has problems with drugs and such. His parents have problems, but his grandparents are really neat people and THEY REALLY LOVE THE GOSPEL. But they can't come to church because they work on Sundays. So yesterday we went with a member to talk to them about this and the member pretty much told them that they needed to QUIT their job and have faith that Our Heavenly Father will put another opportunity in their path for a better job. IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY POWERFUL!!

We had an activity with the ward on Saturday, "ONE DAY IN THE MISSION" for the members they could come and we give them capatacion (lesson) and then we practiced with them. The teaching went really well, Elder Cruz and I taught, "How to Teach a Lesson" It went pretty good and then we took them out to visit  the Less actives. We didn't have that much success because NO BODY would open their doors or they weren't home. But we did teach that one lesson with Javier and his familia, it's the one that I talked about earlier.

OH MOM, you kind of jinxs me with getting planched, I had my interview with president this week Friday. But I DID NOT get Planched. He actually kind of reenergized me with the mission work and made me more excited about the work and it went really good.
He asked me (me laughing) if I ever had problems with Homosexual feelings, he's been asking all of the missionaries that, I don't know why-maybe there's a problem, THAT's Pretty funny!!

We walked a lot yesterday like at least 7 miles.It was CRAZY!!! Well I really Love all of you and please continue to pray for all of us missionaries.Have a GOOD DAY!
Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher has a little friend that is getting a piggy back ride.
I'm sure he can get a lot further than walking on his own.
 Typical streets in Mexico that they walk all day long.
Mexico is pretty great!! but its really hot here.. like its still in the 85 almost 90s! its crazy! haha but ya everything is going good. I'm to the point where I can understand mostly all Spanish now haha its so hard to speak correctly tho... but all is going great!! my area is good, small little town dirt roads its cool! but everyone is catholic or a jehovahs witness haha and everyone drinks.

 I'm trying to find out the story behind these pants.
I'm hoping its just dirt and NOT ruined. He told me that he sat on dirt and didn't realize this happened.
His wonderful companion captured the moment.
 He said, "Mom, this is SOOO true!!!"
He LOVES having this knowledge!
 "I Belong to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
I know who I am, I know God's plan, I'll follow him in FAITH.
I Believe in the Savior Jesus Christ, I'll Honor his name.
I'll do what is right, I'll follow his light,
 More beautiful sunsets, you know my son~HE LOVES THE SUNSETS IN MEXICO!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 13 - Esperanza, Elder Ramirez


That is sooo crazy!! Cecilee has her wedding dress!! What the heck! I'm actually sad that I'm not going to be able there to witness it... or participate in it.. 

This week was a solid normal week, with some crazy Book of Mormon stories in it too!! Well, to start off we found & contacted A LOT of new investigators this week. We had a lot of lessons and mas o menos (more or less) success. But we taught Alfonzo on a Tuesday and it went good but he is really confused and doesn't have confidence that he can stop smoking... we offered to give him a blessing and he denied that, then we asked if we could say the closing prayer kneeling and he said that was too much for him.... so I am wondering what he is going to do or if he still wants to listen to us..  but we bore our testimonies on how we know that God his Heavenly Father can and will help him if he shows his faith and takes action!! But I don't know if he really took it to heart. 

We didn't really get to talk to Annie about what we gave her because she wasn't there or didn't have time, until a Friday. We went there and started talking and then they asked me if I liked football american and I said, "YES of coarse! I play it" and then I asked who was their favorite teams and haha Annie's reaction was so funny, she was all like "OOO my team is The Packers!! and his is the cowboys and we beat him haha!!" I was laughing so hard, then she invited me to come watch the game on Sunday of the Seahawks and the Packers!!  I had to explain that we have rules in the mission and things we sacrifice for the mission and part of that is TV :) but then we planned a soccer match against us 4 elders vs their family!! haha and there are tacos on the line. Losers have to buy tacos haha and that is happening next Monday, so I will tell you all about that next week! but also we didn't get to catch up on homework we gave her because we were teaching and showing Mormon messages to her husband. But ya she is excited about us elders and knows a lot about our church!! It amazes me haha.

A teenager that we are teaching came to church!!! His name is Joshua he is 12 and is really smart, he knows a lot of English!! He really likes the church and enjoys the time in the church and with the other kids. But the challenge with him are his parents.. they are really Catholic and right now have him on a really tight leash no joke! But he knows and wants to be baptized but is scared of his parents I think... (Please pray that his parents hearts will be softened towards the gospel)

Service this week we gave one of our old mattresses to an investigator that was sleeping on his chairs and really has nothing.. I was really humbled when I walked into his house.. its sad so me and my comp went and got our mattress and gave it to him!! haha we walked about a mile with the mattress on our heads! People were looking at me like I am a white person or gringo! haha but after that we felt good, warm and fuzzy no joke:) 

Well I love you all! and mom what you said about prayer is so true and awesome, I'm going to start saying a new prayer every time I pray to my Heavenly Father!! thanks I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Horlacher
 This cracks me up especially after he explained that they walked a mile carrying this mattress to one of his investigators that had nothing to sleep on.
 He gives "BED HEAD" a new meaning!!
We sent Trevor a package and he asked us to please send him a backpack because the shoulder bag was hurting his back. So here he is modeling his new backpack.
 He is pretty excited!! He is also modeling one of his new ties to match his tan pants.

 I sure love my boy and miss him like crazy!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Week 12 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

Hello Home.. 

Well this week was a normal good working week.  We visited with our convert (Lourdez) and she is doing great! lShe has so much faith in Christ! I am amazed at how much she is learning and everything she tells us is just wow!!!.. She is already an example to me in this gospel! She reminds me every visit how lucky I was to be born into this Gospel... Honestly, I never really thought about that before.. how lucky are we to be born into this gospel with our family to support us in the church and everything... this is a very great huge blessing in my life! and I want to bless others with this blessing that I have been blessed with!! So from now on, I am going to give all I have and plus 10 percent!

This week we were showing a video called, "Who are the Mormons", it shows basically everything about us and what we believe and do.. and in one lesson with a new investigator, Annie, after showing the video we asked her what she learned new about us and what she liked. She replied normal.. but then she just got into deep thought. 
(and she has been taught by elders before like 5 months earlier) and she looked at my companion and asked, "why would Elder Horlacher get called to serve here in Mexico? and he pulled out the scripture in D&C. Then she said, "yes, ok your commanded of God to places"... then she said, "why wouldn't he get commanded to go to somewhere he can speak & explain it is easier?".. then she looked at me and said, "explain it to me! why?" 
And I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous, but the spirit was really powerful. 

 So I just said, "well.. why I think and believe why I was called to come here to Mexico and learn Spanish is, before this life we lived with God and everyone that has ever lived in the world and we all needed to come to the earth to receive a body and be tested, and I believe that I knew people there, I had friends there and I promised them that I would find them here on earth and that my purpose or reason for coming here to serve is to find my friends and share this joy, happiness, knowledge that I have with them!  So that they can live with God again." 

And she just looked at me with, I don't know what to call it, but it was like she was pleased with my answer or was just feeling the spirit as strong as I was and nodded her head up and down like you do when you agree or understand.. and then she had questions about the Book of Mormon and really was confused on why we had the Book of Mormon and in the Americas and such.. so we thought we should give her the reading assignment to read 2 Nefi 29. and we´ll check up on her on Tuesday. (Please pray for Annie and FOR ME & my companion that we will be able to answer her questions & help her understand the gospel more clearly.)

But  Sunday, no body came to church.. no investigators... we went to get Alfonzo but he was feeling bad and was still asleep... But we taught him on Friday and all but we really focused on getting him to read the Book of Mormon, and he told us he will so I guess we´ll see.. I have faith he will!! (Please pray for Alfonzo too!)

And I have had troubles sleeping lately... I think it's because the new beds are hard.... really hard.. I don't like them that much but I guess I'm just going to have to get used to them & suck it up, haha.Bbut the mission life is all about being tired.. having your whole body tired all the time, that means It's been a good day! haha but I found vitamins in the house and I'm going to see if they help, so here we go!

I love you all!! and so does God and Jesus our brother!! Don't forget that!! Have a great week!
Love, Elder Horlacher

 Elder Horlacher met Elder Wahlstrom
I had met Elder Wahlstrom's mom on the mission Facebook page and she messaged me
that her son was leaving for the mission and to please have Trevor look out for him.
Well Trevor sent me this picture. They both look pretty happy.
 Trevor messaged me in one of his letters to please send him the recipe for cocoa rice.
I did and he made it. He said that it was soooooo delicious and that his companion LOVED IT.
He said that he told him, "Why can't I stop eating this, it's so GOOD!"
(I did tell him not to fill the pot too much because it will overflow and make a mess!)

 Absolutely beautiful fields 

 After singing the song from his last baptism
"I Like to Look For Rainbows"
 Rainbows take on a new appreciation

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 11 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

(There were transfers today, Elder Horlacher was a little nervous that he would be transferred, but was so happy that he gets to spend another 6 weeks in Esperanza and with Elder Ramirez.)


So this week was for me was the Refiners fire, I think.. haha but really this week was so hard!! First off we had NO success!! After lunch on Tuesday we were feeling good, going to a progressing investigator (Alfonzo) but when we got there he came and looked at us and asked us if we gave or had left a little card with Jesus on it, with writing on it.. and of coarse we did. Then he asked if we drew a "smile face" on it.  My comp didn't remember, but I said, "ya, that was us".  Then he went into his house and got EVERYTHING we gave him, ALL the pamphlets and Book of Mormon, and said, "well I have had problems with "smile faces" with my ex-wife.... (he is divorced and struggles from that) and told us that he wanted NOTHING more to do with us and turned around and walked away. I was straight up dumb founded.. I couldn't speak or believe what just happened. But we continued with our day and tried to contact and go to all of our other planned teachings, but they all cancelled..  SO, I am not going to lie I WAS REALLY DEPRESSED and me and my companion thought about home and coming home (haha-whatever, like not really) but it was a thought-thanks to Satan & at how hard that day was.. but when I got back I talked with an elder in our district about my day and he simply said, "that Christ suffered the atonement ALL ALONE! The hardest thing ever thought possible! SO~~ WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT THIS MISSION WOULD BE EASY? or go your way? People have their agency, and that is really hard to accept as missionaries, when we know this gospel is true and we know all the joy, happiness, peace, knowledge, comfort, and love, that THE HOLY GHOST brings into their lives, but they reject us and our message because of traditions of their parents, or they just don't want this right now, or there are so many different reasons why that Satan has come up with to put into their hearts.. its hard." It was so good to talk to him and have him help me put things back into perspective and not take things so personal. I love my mission and these other Elders that continue to teach me and help me be the best missionary.

But why I say it was a refiners fire this week is because I had my FIRST BAPTISM!!! and what can I say, it's not a Mexican baptism, if you don't have a problem... haha
So our problem was probably one of THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of baptism.. WATER!!!!
We started filling up the font and got about half way there when it just stopped.. so I asked an elder that has been there in Esperanza for a while if he knew what to do and he tried everything he knew but we couldn't figure it out and get it going again... (So everyday the members feed us lunch and we had an appointment, so we went to lunch and he didn't have lunch ready right then, so by the time we started eating it was 3 o'clock!! and by the time we finished it was 4!! and the baptism starts at 5!!! so we got the 1st counselor of the ward and he came and fixed it but by the time we fixed it, it was 5. and Lourdes was there... so we had to wait 2 hours to finish filling the font.. So we went and told Lourdes the problem and asked her what she wanted to do? Wait for the font to fill up for 2 hours or we could do it tomorrow?... and She said without hesitation, "yo esperare. I will wait!!" That was awesome she was ready!! So we waited and then I got to baptize her and what can I say, I was very nervous because that is a lot of responsibility and a big moment for Lourdes!! But all went well and the spirit was there!  That is something that I won't ever forget is baptizing Lourdes!! It's such an amazing feeling. Afterwards we sang the song, "I like to look for rainbows" in Spanish and English, me and a sister missionary sang the English parts! 
It was so good that Lourdes started applauding at us after we finished. hahaha.
(Yep, I sang can you believe that? That was my grandpa helping me.) 

On Sunday, we were sitting there with Lourdes listening to people bare their testimonies when Lourdes asked me if she could go and bear hers!! I was like "yes for sure!! want us to go first??" and she said yes yes so we went then she went! and she bore her testimony on how everyone NEEDS this gospel and how she KNOWS its true and all these different things!!  IT WAS SO AMAZING, to see her already a member missionary!!

So today we got new beds and when we were just about to come and write this email, we hear a familiar voice... it was Alfonzo. He wanted to have us come back and teach him again. He said he was sorry, and we explained what the "smile face" represented.. a missionary with his tie and plaque. And he told us what he thought it was... he thought it meant a smile face with his tongue out and flipping him off... 
i was like "WHAT???".... um.... were missionaries hahaha, but all is well with him again, another answer to my prayers!! Sometimes Heavenly Father puts us through the fire so we can receive the blessings and are prepared to receive them! i know this to be true!!

Love you all sorry this is really long..
Elder Horlacher
The Baptism of Lourdez.
Elder Horlacher and Elder Ramirez has been teaching her for a little over a month.
She has felt the spirit testify to her as soon as the Elders found her.

 She came to church on her own and also the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
By the time they taught her the 3rd discussion she asked them,
"When do I get to get baptized?"
One of the evenings they had pizza!!!
This was definately not Little Ceaser's Pizza 

 Elder Horlacher calls these people his 3rd set of grandparents, Marco & Conception.
He loves this couple and they love the elders.
Everytime they stop by they leave with bottled water, fruit and food.
Trevor said that he really enjoys being around them.

 He had to send us a picture of this furry chicken.
He has never seen a chicken like this before.
He said it looked like the chicken blew dry his feathers.
 Trevor was telling me that there was a chance that he might be transferred on Monday.
Well I told him, please take some pictures of your city so that you have it for your book.
These are what he sent. 
 He said that he walks along these places EVERY SINGLE DAY!
The bridge over the canal. The canal that he skips rocks every time he passes the canal.
 A neighborhood
 Another Neighborhood
 Visiting another member, Brother Samuel
 Elder Horlacher with Elder Ramirez and
Brother Samuel and his dog with the Elders.
A Giant Christmas Tree in Esperanza
 "SELFIE" with the Mexico Flag
 Feliz Navidad
 He loves when he sees things that remind him of home, "HERBALIFE!"
 They got new mattresses on Monday, this was the OLD one being taken out.
 I think Trevor is a little excited about his new mattress!!!
 I wonder if he had a better sleep??
 His area in Esperanza