Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 14-Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

Hi Mom. I am glad that you liked the pictures, and well ya I think the pills helped me sleep, and ya I sleep like a champ in my bed now! (When we packed for his mission, many missionary moms suggested that we send Melatonin with our missionaries because they sometimes have a hard time sleeping with all of the stress of learning the lessons and language. He got a new mattress and it was killing his back and he hadn't been able to sleep, so that's what he's talking about) I got the pictures of me surfing with grandpa watching me from heaven, and I think I'm going to make one of them into a cover for my planner! I REALLY like those pictures!  

WE SENT TREVOR A PACKAGE & he sent a video when he got the brown sugar. He saw that the brown sugar said "LIGHT" Brown Sugar and he instantly thought that it was a FAT joke. He's never seen the brown sugar in the bag so he didn't know that it was about the color of the sugar. We laughed and laughed!!
Thanks I love the ties and so does everyone else! ooo ok thanks mom for the brown sugar! and the shirts are great!!! exactly what i wanted! and the garbage is great Elder Cruz loves it haha , Oreos were a dream, I already finished them :( but ya wow, and the Liahona magazine, we have them here mom so don't worry about sending those... but thanks I have a personal General Conference one now:)
(I sent Trevor a voice recorder and this is what he sent me, not bad for the 1st one)

Hello everybody, this week has been really weird and good at the same time, First off with Alfonso he was never really home and his phone was always turned off when we went to go visit him. So we never got to teach him again. I don't know he kind of disappeared for this week. Then after church today we were walking down the street and we saw him walking so we hurried up and caught up to him and asked him how he was doing and such. And he pretty much cussed us out and told us that we were of THE DEVIL and we were NOTHING but FIRE. Soooo ya that's a 3rd time he has told us that he didn't want ANYTHING to do with us. 
So I guess we will see where that goes. 

Other than that we have been teaching a less active family and they have a grandson that is a non-member who hasn't been baptized, he's 9 yrs old. And he's actually REALLY smart and wants to be baptized so we are teaching him the lessons right now and trying to reactivate his family. But his parents are having a really hard time, His dad has problems with drugs and such. His parents have problems, but his grandparents are really neat people and THEY REALLY LOVE THE GOSPEL. But they can't come to church because they work on Sundays. So yesterday we went with a member to talk to them about this and the member pretty much told them that they needed to QUIT their job and have faith that Our Heavenly Father will put another opportunity in their path for a better job. IT WAS ACTUALLY REALLY POWERFUL!!

We had an activity with the ward on Saturday, "ONE DAY IN THE MISSION" for the members they could come and we give them capatacion (lesson) and then we practiced with them. The teaching went really well, Elder Cruz and I taught, "How to Teach a Lesson" It went pretty good and then we took them out to visit  the Less actives. We didn't have that much success because NO BODY would open their doors or they weren't home. But we did teach that one lesson with Javier and his familia, it's the one that I talked about earlier.

OH MOM, you kind of jinxs me with getting planched, I had my interview with president this week Friday. But I DID NOT get Planched. He actually kind of reenergized me with the mission work and made me more excited about the work and it went really good.
He asked me (me laughing) if I ever had problems with Homosexual feelings, he's been asking all of the missionaries that, I don't know why-maybe there's a problem, THAT's Pretty funny!!

We walked a lot yesterday like at least 7 miles.It was CRAZY!!! Well I really Love all of you and please continue to pray for all of us missionaries.Have a GOOD DAY!
Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher has a little friend that is getting a piggy back ride.
I'm sure he can get a lot further than walking on his own.
 Typical streets in Mexico that they walk all day long.
Mexico is pretty great!! but its really hot here.. like its still in the 85 almost 90s! its crazy! haha but ya everything is going good. I'm to the point where I can understand mostly all Spanish now haha its so hard to speak correctly tho... but all is going great!! my area is good, small little town dirt roads its cool! but everyone is catholic or a jehovahs witness haha and everyone drinks.

 I'm trying to find out the story behind these pants.
I'm hoping its just dirt and NOT ruined. He told me that he sat on dirt and didn't realize this happened.
His wonderful companion captured the moment.
 He said, "Mom, this is SOOO true!!!"
He LOVES having this knowledge!
 "I Belong to The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints,
I know who I am, I know God's plan, I'll follow him in FAITH.
I Believe in the Savior Jesus Christ, I'll Honor his name.
I'll do what is right, I'll follow his light,
 More beautiful sunsets, you know my son~HE LOVES THE SUNSETS IN MEXICO!!

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