Monday, February 2, 2015

Week 15-Esperanza - Elder Ramirez

RAIN! MUD... :)

So this week we really tried to focus on contacting at least 10 people in the streets.. and one thing I like to think about when we are doing this is "that every contact or person we talk to is very important or is a little seed we plant in their heart". So we went and the first little lady I just started talking to, haha my broken spanish, but she understood me and she let us put her address down and we gave her a pamphlet! and I can honestly say that we have encountered some good people that are very ready for this gospel!! 

On Thursday we went and taught Annie the first lesson and she was really confused with our principles and doctrine and the Book of Mormon. So we tried explaining it all and try to unconfuse her but it was just making it worse, so I just said lets teach her the first lesson it answers all these questions.So we did and by the end she didn't have any questions! that was a good day. Then after that she gave us some cereal! Man Fruit loops are amazing.... I dont know why I didn't like them before but wow, today I went and bought me some haha.

Friday It Rained!!!! I was soo happy! :) I love the rain, but during the rain we had a meeting with President and all the 6 months and fewer missionaries.. so I didn't get to work in the rain... I was pretty sad but glad I wasn't wet, so that was a blessing:) but I also went on a intercambio with Elder Reich. That was a good day with the zone leader. We taught 2 lessons and contacted 11 people in the streets! haha it was funny to watch people look at 2 Americans walk down the muddy streets and talk Spanish with them haha. Elder Reich helped me with my study's and told me not to listen to people when they tell me that I don't speak good Spanish or anything like that which helped a lot. 

Sunday. Javier came to church with his uncle and with his cousin which are members! I think they really like church and they will become more and more involved in the church. But before church started the other elders contacted a guy on the street and invited him to church and he accepted haha and after sacrament meeting, in the principles of the gospel class he gave a cross necklace to a sister missionary and made her put it on haha it was so funny!! She couldn't say no... haha but after church we went over to Annie's to teach her the 2nd lesson plan of salvation, but they were watching the super bowl and she invited us in to get a drink and I saw that Seahawks just scored and it was 24 to 14 Seahawks... and that was such a temptation... dang football haha but ya we left in a hurry haha but ya that is this week. 

But I just want to say it is important to be happy, because when we really think about it we are children of god!! who loves us so much that we can't even comprehend!! And is always there to support, help, and lead the way for us! we have the Atonement to help us feel this peace and joy and love of our father and jesus our brother!! and by showing your happy in your smiles and such in the street or where ever you can plant seeds in peoples heart about Mormons, or our church, or even like the quote,

 "Live your life so that those who know YOU but DON'T know him, will want to KNOW HIM because they KNOW YOU!"            Love all of you thanks!

Elder Horlacher

Elder Horlacher made Teriyaki Chicken ALL BY HIMSELF!!
I think someone is missing his mom's cooking!!

 He Looks very BIG in the air!!!

 I don't know what they are doing here, but having fun!!!

Elder Horlacher and Elder Wahlstrom
These people are Elder Wahlstrom's parents.
I met his mom on Missionary Mom's Facebook page and we have been communicating since our
boys were called to the same mission. It's so much fun to meet fellow missionary parents.
We are hoping that they get to become companions!!

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