Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 40 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

So this week we started it off really good!! haah my district leader gave us pancakes with bananas and juice and oreos!! haha we we arrived with food for our study!! then after the district meeting the missionary couple cooked hamburgers and spagetti!! it was probably the best district meeting ive had my whole mission!! it was awesome!!!

Then later in the week i had intercambios and i went with elder Wahlstrom! it was awesome! we were in his area in Huatabampo. we had some pretty cool experiences, like we were walking down the street, when a little kid said hi and then asked what our names were. we went to contact them, elder wahlstrom went and talked with the kids when i went and talked the the grandma, she was telling me about her life and how she has been lonely and sick all her life. all she has is her daughter and her 2 grandchildern. she is just waiting to die now... so when i could i shared the plan of salvation, and how we can live with our families for eternity!! it was so powerful!! then her gran kid started swearing at me so i had to distract him, so i played with him, while elder wahlstrom explained more! it was awesome how we found her! then when we returned from the inter cambios, my comp locked the keys in the house, so elder wahlstrom and me went around back to see if we could open it, we couldnt it when he said to me do you want to say a prayer! and i said yes good idea! so we started praying when the other elders were able to open the front door, and when we said "amen" our door opened! it was like WOW!! haha 

and funny story, i always like to jump my bike, go off curbs and stuff... then one time i went off a 1 foot and a half curb. and i thought nothing after but then on our way to Las Guayabas my tire basically just started hitting the side!! it turns out my barrening in my back tire broke and disappeared. so on the way and on the way back my tire was rubbing and it was so hard to pedal!! haha and now we walk everywhere again!! haha

Elder horlacher

Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 39 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

This week was a good one! to start off i got to do Intercambios with Elder Walker my mtc companion! and it was awesome to catch up on old times!! haha we got a message from one of his investigators parents that was going to be baptized the next day that his dad wont let him anymore. so we went and talked to his dad. and it was a cool cool lesson. we went in just depending on the spirit, we started asking questions to see what he thought about things, and how was work, then boom we brought the message! haha he was really confused on why his son needs to be baptised again. so we asked questions to him so he could answer his question by himself! it was a really really cool lesson. he ended just telling us that he is going to think about it and talk to his wife. the next day we found his wife and she told us that the visit was perfect, she said that her husband said that he can be baptised but only that he just wants to pick the date, and that he wants to hear more from the missionarys!! awesome!

And other thing is that we are teaching Hernan Brother of Javiercito, and he is going to be baptised on sunday!! so we are preparing him for that and well ourselfs! haha he is really happy and trying to learn, which is awesome! he is alittle shy and nervous but he is a good guy! 

Also we had stake conference and the talks were awesome! one that i really liked was from President munive, he shared a story of a missionary that didnt do all the rules, he didnt wake up on time, didnt study, didnt go to bed on time, ect. and the whole mission knew it. so the president went and stayed with them and the missionary did everything right when the mish president was there, he woke up, studied, went to bed on time. then after the day was over the mission president asked the missionary "do you love the lord more then me?" and the missionary said "well yes!" then the mission president asked "do you fear god more then you fear me?" and the missionary responded "yes..." and then the mission pres. said " well then why do you do all the things right when im here, and not when im not, because God is always watching you, always seeing what your doing?" 
I just sat there thinking... this is so true, sometimes we only do the right because the leader is with us, or a parent, but God is always with us! always watching what we do! we need to remember that always, and have virtue when we arent with anyone!  Love you all! this really helped me so i wanted to share it! 

Elder Horlacher

Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 38 ~Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

HOLA familia!! haha

So this week really wasn't our best week. last week we ate chinese food, and it didn't fall very well with my companions stomach haha he got some infection in his stomach and was in the bathroom every 30 minutes for 45 minutes at a time!! so really we didnt get alot of work done this week.. but funny story with his sickness is that at the begining of his sickness he didnt know that it was that bad, so we went to las guayabas and on the trail he went in his pants alittle!!! hahaha i was dying from laughter!! it was so funny, but we went to a members house because we were already 45 minutes from our house so he went to their bathroom ( a deep hole in the ground with blankets to hide you..) and cleaned him self... haha great times...

But today we went and visited with Gaby because we havent been able to teach her for a long time. and we taught her about baptism and she is really understanding now. I challenged her to read the book of mormon every day until our next appointment if she wants to recieve a answer, and she accepted smiling! she really is trying to be better, just her family is holding her back from coming to the church... Thats her biggest challenge to be baptised. But i know one day she will be able to be baptised.   so also with Javier his biggest challenge that we are working with is that he thinks that its not his time to be baptised... but we are trying to help him figure that out for himself.. 

This sunday was the confirmation of Javiercito, and it was so cool, this little boy has so much faith and will to be in the church! his mom and brothers were sick but he made his dad take him to the church to be confirmed!! cool cool thing to see a little kid take so much action! 

we also had interviews with President Munive this week also. all went great, but after we went for the hospital for my comp, and we were there all day long.. all day long i sat in a very uncomfortable folding plastic chair... haha but what im really learning in the mission is patience  in all things! its something very very valuable in life is what im learning now... haha  well thats it sorry not much happend this week... love you all!!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 37 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

que paso!!

Well this week we pretty much did a lot of exercise!! haha But ALL with a purpose! So we biked a total of 9 hours going to Las Guayabas and back! 
 11 miles there and back so a total of 22 miles in a day
He said that this was the road on the way to Las Guaymas
 He is a little TOO big for that bike, but they will use what they have. Still smiling!!
 Long day, on their way home.
 haha , We were quite dead by the end of the week, but we started the week amazingly! 

On the 4th of July my companion and I were so excited about our baptism for the next day, we went to get the font prepared by scrubbing it. I wore the most American Shirt that I had in remembrance of the 4th of July.

We baptized Javiercito on Sunday!! I had the opportunity of baptizing him. It was an amazing experience, all of his family came and his older brother now wants to be baptized in 2 weeks! and we are praying that his dad (Javier) will make the decision to be baptized with his son!

 I bore my testimony after the baptism and I shared how the gospel helps us in our lives and what a change they will see in their family. I also shared that I KNOW that I will see my grandpa again and the other loved ones that have died, and that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. They bring us the greatest joy in our lives, so why wouldn't God want us to have that joy Eternally. And to help with the program, Javiercito gave the closing prayer in his baptism and he prayed for his dad that he would receive the gospel! It was so strong with the spirit, it was amazing. His family can feel the love of the gospel. 

But well like I said we had a ton of time on our bikes so we didn't get to work that much here in Etchojoa. We had a zone conference in Navojoa, it was the the 3rd of July so all the Americans decided to sing the National Anthem even though we're in Mexico... so we did it! haha it was awesome, quite funny the faces all the Latinos were making at us crazy gringos! But it was great!  


Well other then that none of our other investigators are progressing, no more came to church, so we are going to meet with them this week and see what we need to do, stop teaching them or continue. But hey I hope you all had a good 4th of July, and really appreciate the wonderful  country that we have! I love Mexico, but I love the USA! The land of the free and the home of the Brave!!! I love you all!

Elder Horlacher