Monday, July 6, 2015

Week 37 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

que paso!!

Well this week we pretty much did a lot of exercise!! haha But ALL with a purpose! So we biked a total of 9 hours going to Las Guayabas and back! 
 11 miles there and back so a total of 22 miles in a day
He said that this was the road on the way to Las Guaymas
 He is a little TOO big for that bike, but they will use what they have. Still smiling!!
 Long day, on their way home.
 haha , We were quite dead by the end of the week, but we started the week amazingly! 

On the 4th of July my companion and I were so excited about our baptism for the next day, we went to get the font prepared by scrubbing it. I wore the most American Shirt that I had in remembrance of the 4th of July.

We baptized Javiercito on Sunday!! I had the opportunity of baptizing him. It was an amazing experience, all of his family came and his older brother now wants to be baptized in 2 weeks! and we are praying that his dad (Javier) will make the decision to be baptized with his son!

 I bore my testimony after the baptism and I shared how the gospel helps us in our lives and what a change they will see in their family. I also shared that I KNOW that I will see my grandpa again and the other loved ones that have died, and that FAMILIES ARE FOREVER. They bring us the greatest joy in our lives, so why wouldn't God want us to have that joy Eternally. And to help with the program, Javiercito gave the closing prayer in his baptism and he prayed for his dad that he would receive the gospel! It was so strong with the spirit, it was amazing. His family can feel the love of the gospel. 

But well like I said we had a ton of time on our bikes so we didn't get to work that much here in Etchojoa. We had a zone conference in Navojoa, it was the the 3rd of July so all the Americans decided to sing the National Anthem even though we're in Mexico... so we did it! haha it was awesome, quite funny the faces all the Latinos were making at us crazy gringos! But it was great!  


Well other then that none of our other investigators are progressing, no more came to church, so we are going to meet with them this week and see what we need to do, stop teaching them or continue. But hey I hope you all had a good 4th of July, and really appreciate the wonderful  country that we have! I love Mexico, but I love the USA! The land of the free and the home of the Brave!!! I love you all!

Elder Horlacher

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