Monday, June 29, 2015

Week 36 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravallo

Hello fam fam!

So this week was a great new start from the old men in the mission to a new companion that has less time then I do (7 months).  It really is a true saying that the younger missionaries have more energy to do the work and it helps revive us and gets us excited again!
We went on Tuesday and we found a family, and we asked them if they would let us share something with them, and they accepted! It was cool but short powerful lesson!  We visited a lot of less actives this week, and we had success in coming to church!!!! ONE of the 100's of less actives that we visited this week came to church!!!! It was just as rewarding as seeing a baptism! Because with him came his 2 sons!! It was something very very very good to see!!! it was awesome, because Javiercito and his family came to church too! So that meant 2 families came to church. Javercito is going to be baptized this Sunday! 5th of July! and we are hoping that his dad is going to follow the example of his son and get baptized soon. His name is Javier also.  

Well for me and my companion, we get along very well, just have a little bit of differences in the things that we like to do. I like to play sports, he likes to be on the computer, I want to be a professional football player, he wants to be a professional league of legends player (Computer game). But we get along really well because we are both strange... haha

Gaby is progressing but just a little slower then we would want. haha but we gave her aBook of Mormon in English to help her learn English, and she is reading it! she is just waiting for a answer I guess. We have explained how simple an answer from God can be but we are just waiting. She is really cool, she is willing to change for the gospel, she has already stopped drinking coffee and has told her mom and brothers that she doesn't drink it anymore!!! How cool is that!! and she was staying with a guy when we first met her but she ran him out for some reason, they weren't married so.. if they would have stayed together we would have had to have them marry first then she could be baptized, I was just thinking that wow, how she is prepared to follow the Lord. and I hope and pray that she receives a baptism! 

Today we were able to play soccer as a zone!!! It was so awesome!! But I guess I am really out of shape.. I mean dang,I couldn't breathe!! But I had the time of my life! I was a little rusty but I got to play with Elder Walker & Ramirez, two of my favorite companions!! it was awesome! But ya this has been my highlights of my week! 
love you all so much!! 
 Elder Horlacher said "Adios" to Elder Miranda and gave him a Kakui Nut Lei to remember him by.  He was finished with his mission and was going home.
 He also said, "Adios" to his previous companion Elder Hernandez because he was going home as well. He also gave him a Kakui Nut lei.
 These were pictures from Elder Hernandez's mission pictures from Facebook

 Elder Horlacher's new companion, Elder Caravallo at their District meeting
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Wahlstrom in the same district

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