Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Week 35 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Miranda (Transferred) Elder Carvallo

Hola! pues... this week we had the opportunity to do a lot of fun bonding things as a companionship!! Like I challenged my companion to the Milk Gallon challenge! haha 
So after the district meeting I bought him a gallon of milk and he did it... well, he tried. He drank half of it then couldn't do any more and puked it all up, haha good times. 

But we also had the opportunity to go up to Obregon to listen to a seventy Elder De Hoyos.
It was really cool, he talked about we need to have the spirit and how we need to change the manner we teach to accomplish new. he used a phrase from David A. Bednar which says "if we continue to do things we have always done, then we will continue to accomplish the same we always have accomplished" so if we want to be better we need to change! Change is for the better! Everyday strife to change something that we need to approve on because we all have things to improve on! 

Well there is a child of a member that wants to be baptized, so we are teaching him because he has to have the lessons to be baptized because he is 9 now. But his dad isn't a member (Javier, who I've talked about before) and I think it will help him a lot see a baptism! and help him want to change, because he already wants to be baptized but has a few issues... but little by little!   and Gaby came to Church!!! She is on the coarse of baptism!!! 

I have killed my first companion (missionary terms in Mexico, when a elder goes home)  haha and I now have a new comp. his name is Elder Carvallo, he has one transfer less then I do. He is really funny! He is a good Elder! I think we will get along just great!

ooo and a crazy storm hit us the other day, it started out as a dust storm to lots of thunder to rain dumping on us, like the heavens opened! it was awesome!! so cool! We took shelter in a members house and hung out with them for a little while. So I took pictures of everyone's faces and showed them my camera. 

Thank you everyone for your letters of encouragement, you have no idea how much that helps me to be able to read your experiences and learn from them. I loved my package and appreciated all the LOVE that was stuffed in there. Thank you to those that helped replace all of my stuff that was stolen, you will be blessed by helping this poor missionary. I love you all so much. Thank you again, I can't thank you enough. 

Let's all try to change something everyday to be better. Till next week, I love you all,
Love, Elder Horlacher

 This was me after the storm, I was soaked!!!

 Sunday morning at church

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