Monday, June 8, 2015

Week 33 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Miranda

So, this past week, we heard that a hurricane was coming to hit us!! and man, I didn't know much about it just heard that, and I was pumped!!! I wanted to be in a hurricane so bad! haha  but they said it would hit Saturday or Sunday... so we had to wait... Obviously we didn't get one, bummer!!!

On Tuesday we gave a blessing, then we also had a family home evening with a partial member family. And it was great, it was so fun, we taught on how important the Holy Ghost is in our lives in making decisions, and doing good. Then we played a game, that our zone leaders did with us, one person left the room and said a prayer to have the spirit with them, and the rest chose one card of nine and the person that left returned and had to choose the correct card by the spirit! haha Just to show how important the spirit is!  Then we ate Nachos!! haha good time!

But this week we also had zone conference and some things that we gringos have to do now is teach classes of English!! I'm actually pretty pumped to teach English!! 

One thing that has been improving in the branch is the mutuals for YW/YM! haha more and more teens come and most of them aren't members! But it's great fun to play volleyball with them... haha because everyone is pretty short here so I can spike the ball pretty good on them haha.  Funny story, so everyone here calls me John Cena (I didn't know who he was so I googled him to see if there was a resemblance)
for some reason... but whats even funnier is that a member was voting and one person was talking about the Real John Cena, when another asked, "wait John Cena came here?" when the other said, "NO the Mormon!" haha dang I'm getting popular here as John Cena!! haha how funny que no?

Well love you all!! I really felt your prayers for me this week and I really needed them! Thanks!! and thanks for all that have supported me all me life and especially this week in those that collected money to help my mom replace my stuff that was stolen, I soooo appreciate that! Your kindness is recognized by our Savior and me, thanks again. I love you all. 

Elder Horlacher

These pictures were taken by Trevor's cute mission presidents wife in the green and posted on their facebook page. I love that she has such a beautiful smile and has such a great relationship with the missionaries.

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