Tuesday, September 30, 2014

4th Week in the MTC-Elder Walker

Hello! (Hola now for me) 
I just want to say that I love you all and that its all going great here!! So last Tuesdays devotional was Russell M. Nelson spoke to us! He was a great speaker, he spoke on being a great missionary. He talked straight to me it felt like! We made eye contact like 7 times! UNMISTAKABLE eye contact! haha lets just hope that we get to hear another apostle speak to us tonight. but um... nothing other than that is that cool this week.. ooo wait i got to teach David Archuletta for the member TRC! That was pretty cool and exciting! I kinda went in nervous because we found out in advance that it was him, but in the end it went great, he didn't talk very much but that's alright because we still got to teach him! and instead of teaching our teachers we now teach our district so everybody is a investigator to someone else! So I get the chance to be an investigator for Elder Wiedmier and Bauer, its amazing! It is so much fun to ask the questions then feel the spirit testify to me what they are saying is true! It's amazing the spirit we feel here everyday we are so blessed here! and the spirit helps with my spanish every day! But it is coming really slow for me... like also for TRC progressive investigator  we are teaching a guy that is sooooo hard to understand! I'm like lost in the whole lesson! All I taught in that lesson was I told the first vision! haha it gave me a taste of Mexico.... crazy.

But what our district did this week with a challenge is Elder Pansegrau wanted to try drinking 15 caprisuns in 15 minutes, he drank the 15 in 7 minutes then on the 16th one for fun, he puked haha this is what we do for fun now on our free time haha all we can do is eat our treats we have to help us gain weight.

Well I just want you all know that I love you and am very grateful for all your examples in my life! Thank you for everything you've done for me! I also want you all to know that i know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ, and that Jesus Christ does live! he is our Savior and our Redeemer and through him we can repent, and return to live with our Father in Heaven, and live with our families forever! How blessed are we to have a brother that will do that for us! Man I love this Gospel!!! and I love all of you sooo much and miss you cada dia. Hope all is well back there because its all good here, and in 2 weeks this time I'll be in Mexico! 

Love, Elder Horlacher
 Not sure what this picture is, I'm thinking it's in the MTC somewhere.

Elder Horlacher and Elder Pansegrau (One of his favorite missionaries)

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Week 3 - Handwritten Letter

Sorry, I don't know why this second letter won't go the correct way. 
I love my boy!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 3 in The MTC-Temper Temper

Hello Fam! Another week has past! And the week has flown by! It feels like just yesterday I was writing home on the first night! But other than that time is flying now ;) not really yet but this week has been great! We got to teach TRC for the first time! That was pretty scary at first teaching a member, as if it was home teaching! But she said that she could feel the spirit so that's what really matters. Then we got to teach some pretend or not pretend investigators for TRC yesterday, that was very scary, but it all went good. Talking to natives is sooo different then talking to our white teachers that speak spanish... haha but its all a learning experience. 

Yesterday also was a big learning experience for me.... I had to take an elder into my companion ship because his comp went to get his visa for the day. This elder that came into our companionship & is probably one of the most lazy kids i know.... he sleeps all morning long while we are suppose to be studying for three hours, and to top it off while he is awake all he does is cack (slapping pointer finger on the rest of the fingers using arm motion haha) his finger..... that annoys the out of me!!! and I've told him plenty of times but he just doesn't listen! ok so me and my comp decide that he isn't going to sleep while we're his comps so we have some other elders take the couch room, so he throws a temper tantrum, then goes into another room and turns the lights out and lays on the ground.. so we go in there and turn the lights on and then study, then he throws another tantrum... storms out of the room then lays down in the main room and sleeps.... ooo my I was pretty mad. So i let him do his thing. Then on top of that he cacks and before, I would punch him as a friendly reminder to please stop-its annoying everyone, but now I told him that if he stops, then i'll stop punching him, but right after he just kept doing it and i didn't punch him again until.... he made eye contact and cacked his fingers right in front of my face! That was it, I punched him soo hard! Man he tested my patience all day! But he kinda cleaned up his act after I punched him.

But this Sunday was amazing, me and my companion taught district meeting about the gift of the holy ghost the spirit was soo strong! and everybody shared personal experiences of times they had with the spirit here. Then I found out that i'm the next district leader.... yipee. but from there had a good sacrament meeting, then i got to relax the rest of the day til choir practice ( which i was able to fill out a form to go to priesthood session, but i was not able to go :( my comp is going haha) then from there went to sunday devotional learned how to be a 100 watt light bulb missionary. Then I watched the testaments movie! that is an awesome movie! The ending of it when Christ is coming down to visit the Nephites just got me all teared up thinking about when Christ will come down again to us! and it just made me want to be the best I can be so I can run up to Christ and he'll be proud and I wont be afraid! So i tell all of you make sure that we are living our lives right so we can be proud of our selves and be able to run up to Christ.

 I found out that tonights devotional is going to be broadcasted to all the MTCs and that means it is most likely going to be a apostle! and i heard from a leader that we are really going to like this speaker.... so im hoping that its either Holland! or Bednar! i hope its one of those two! that would be sooo cool!

Some things us elders have done for fun lately is banana and sprite throwing up challenge ( they puked everywhere ahah) then pizza eating contest between me, elder white, and my comp. i think it was me with 10, elder white with 9, and elder walker with 10.5 haha crazy! the small guy won! i havent gained any more weight, im staying at 216... sad day. 

I just want you to know im doing great! i love this gospel, and all that it has to brings. I am so blessed that I get to learn more and more everyday about it and in 3 weeks go teach the people of Mexico about the true gospel! the spirit is crazy strong here! which reminds me what I forgot in the sunday activity... the rededication of the Ogden temple! The spirit was amazing, when we joined in singing at the end of the dedication it felt like we were singing with angels and it felt sooo good and peaceful but very powerful! man I love this gospel and the holy ghost. I learned that without prayer we can not know the truth of spiritual things... so get on your knees and pray often! I love you all soooo much and miss you everyday! thanks for everything!

Love, Elder Horlacher
 Elder Archeletta & Elder Horlacher (one of the elders in his district)
 Elder Horlacher showing us how BIG he's gotten - 216lbs
He said that everyone calls him, "Elder Hulk" in the West MTC,
because he is the biggest one. He's at a stand still with the weight gaining.
He's pretty sad about that. But he said that he's still ripped & doing push ups everyday!!!
 Class time
 Elders Restroom-hahaha
 He said this is the room that he sits in for 3 hours a day!!!
 Another view of the BYU Stadium
 Elder Horlacher & his companion, Elder Walker at the Temple on PDay
The Beautiful Provo Temple

Monday, September 22, 2014

District Leader in the MTC

                                                                    The Church of 
                                                            JESUS CHRIST
                                                             OF LATTER-DAY SAINTS    

2005 North 900 East
Provo, Utah 84604-1793
Phone: 1-801-422-2603
September 2,        

Elder Trevor Richard Ah Quin Horlacher
Dear Elder Horlacher,
Congratulations on your assignment to serve as a District Leader. We appreciate your willingness to help and
bless the other missionaries in your district. Through your example of Christ-like living and appropriate
missionary behavior you will become an inspiration and role model for those you lead.

Your support and encouragement of the other missionaries will be a blessing to them. We encourage you to
seek the Lord’s spirit in your stewardship. It will guide you to those who may need your assistance and love,
and will inspire you in how to lift and strengthen them.

You have been assigned through inspiration. You will be blessed as you follow the counsel and direction of your Branch Presidency. You should share your concerns with them, and seek their counsel in providing assistance to those you serve. Please refer to your missionary leader guide book for specific responsibilities.
May the Lord bless you in this assignment and throughout your mission.


Lon B. Nally

(Trevor says it's NOT a big deal to be a District Leader in the MTC, at least that's what they told him.)

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mission Week 2 in the MTC

Hi mom. I just want to say that this MTC experience is going a lot better now. haha :) the days aren't as long but its really good here. I love the feeling i get to wake up to and feel throughout the day! but the devotionals are amazing!! the last one on sunday was all about the plan of salvation, and how in the spirit paradise and prison there is a gulf that seperates them but with jesus's atonement he made a bridge to make it across to teach the people in spirit prison. it just was awesome thinking about that grandpa, kj and everybody that is there is doing missionary work over there! and i was thinking about how grandma always says that our ancestors are just waiting for us to do there work... and i believe it with all my heart! soo please do all the temple work you can! i can feel grandpa with me when im in teaching my investigators! its amazing! i love teaching our teachers that pretend to be investigators.. hah but actually last night was the first time we went in without a script... it went so good! the spirit was so strong! it testified to her that what we were saying is true.. but we do need to improve on setting the next appointments and getting there name haha its the small things:) but its amzing here!
 So today, we went to the temple and then came back to the west campus. and i saw elder ah quin.... and he was going to gym time so he invited me and elder walker to come play soccer with his district. it was so fun! there was so many elders, like 40 of them playing soccer haha but me jaden, and elder walker kicked butt! we womped haha  and today i got my hair cut! i was alittle timid to get it cut but they did a good job i think:) and i think i have shin splints from going to hard in volleyball and soccer and basketball! haha but it could just be the 13 pounds ive put on:) but i also dont think its fat.... or i hope not:) im trying to make it muscle haha 

 Ok mom heres your answers to your questions:
1. yes ive seen jaden haha
2. no i dont know where tate is. i dont think he's here
3.i absolutly loved my care package! :) 
4.language is coming.. not as fast as i would like but still good.
5. favorite thing in the mtc is.... my comp./ my district/pdays/some of the food/my teachers/ all the elders singing at devotionals/ gym time/ teaching investigators... i have alot to like :)
6. my comps name is linda walker. i think she is on it?
7. i heard the byu game going on.... :( sad night, i was home sick to make it worse... haha but its all good now
8. i get to go over to the main campus every sunday and tuesday kinda cool, but ill be moving over there on the 8th of october, there shutting down the west campus.
9. im good with the white shirts i have now.. but i could use some more athletic shorts..
10. i dont share my room with any other missionaries. we get our own room and bathroom:) west campus is the best!! but i will at the main campus.

so thats about it.. i just want you all to know i love you and miss you soo much! i pray for you all everyday. im doing good here so dont worry to much. the lord is watching over us missionarys:) 
I love you mom, hope your doing good at home with out your little;) boy there. i miss you. 
Love, Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher and his district after the temple
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Harrison Labrum
 Elder Horlacher said that he loves Elder Pasegrau he's a champ:) 
He loves Elder Horlacher and is the only one that he respects!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Tom Jensen before he left the MTC
 Elder Horlacher's view from his building.
He said that when he heard the game going on he got a tear in his eye, because he wants to play so bad!!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder AhQuin together again!!!
 Elder Horlacher said that they found this spider in their room and he screamed like a girl.
 He said, Mom I'm filling out my pants!!!
My cute Missionary after his haircut!!!
I miss this boy but so glad that he is having an incredible experience and LOVING every minute of it!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Email from Elder Horlacher

HOLA! I don't think I can say this enough... thanks soo much for dear eldering me the first few days!! it made me so happy and relaxed! it gave me comfort that was well needed! but i just want to share with you how the MTC is going for me. Well got here and with a 123 i was in class where the teacher only spoke spanish!! and then i found out my companion is elder walker( which is a sweet dude, loves and is good at soccer, plays the violin which is awesome to hear him practice, he can play any song i want on the violin, ex. he can play Rude!! haha that is so relaxing) but then from there we went to more meeting.. took along time. but finally unpacked and got everything good. then woke up at 6:30 and went to class at 7 to personal study til breakfast at 8 ( which the food here is awesome! I've gained 5 pounds in 5 days!! haha but i'm trying to make it muscle by working out haha i guess we'll see... ) but then go to a 3 hour class then go to meeting then lunch for 30 minutes, then wait for gym time which is soooo fun! but so many rules! soo we play volleyball, i get pumped up to spike the ball so hard on some kids because they don't let you touch the rims or nets in basketball soooo... boring. but volleyball is so much fun i play with elder labrum( harrison labrum) he gets competitive tooo which your not suppose to, but it just comes natural to me and him haha. but after that we get showered up and go to another 3 hour class, then go to dinner and then go to another 3 hour class... 9 hours in class just sitting down! everybody in my district falls asleep sooner or later haha because we are soo tired. but we have taught an investigator 3 times already, in spanish all of the times!! She said to us last night that she feels something good or different when we teach her which is awesome!! i mean she said it in spanish so i hope thats really what she said :) but that was cool even tho i couldn't understand her very well the spirit was sooo strong! i love baring my testimony in spanish, its so heart felt and thought ful because its all real things that come to mind! the spirit comes soo strong when we bare our testimonies! but ya, my spanish has improved so much, i can for the mostly understand what my teacher and investigator are saying, so that was a cool testimony builder. but i just want to say the days are turning into weeks and the weeks are turning into days!! time goes so slow but soo fast at the same time! haha i love my district they are so funny and awesome. I have seen Elder Jensen, Elder Jenkins. they are fun to talk to! they are doing great! elder jensen leaves anytime! 
well i just want you know that i love you and miss you everyday! i pray for you everyday! hope everything is going good at home! hope you can feel of my love everyday! well... please keep writing me :) 
 Elder Horlacher & Elder Walker

Elder Horlacher with some of his Snow Canyon Brothers: Tom Jensen, Chase Jenkins, Trent Pendelton, Bradshaw at a devotional.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Our first letter/his first day in the MTC

 His envelope cracked me up!!! I was worried that he didn't know how to address an envelope, I was right!!
His writing I'm sure will improve in the next two years.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Drop Off at the MTC

 See ya in 2 Elder Horlacher!!!

Goodbyes & Hugs

 I ABSOLUTELY Loved My Hug and Looking at this picture I can feel it!!!
This picture says so much to me!!
As we were saying our last prayer as a family and a group hug,
Trevor looks towards the MTC.
After the prayer he looked at his watch and said,
"Mom, I'm on the Lord's time now, I have to go!!"
He was ready to serve the Lord!!!
I love my boy!

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