Tuesday, September 9, 2014

First Email from Elder Horlacher

HOLA! I don't think I can say this enough... thanks soo much for dear eldering me the first few days!! it made me so happy and relaxed! it gave me comfort that was well needed! but i just want to share with you how the MTC is going for me. Well got here and with a 123 i was in class where the teacher only spoke spanish!! and then i found out my companion is elder walker( which is a sweet dude, loves and is good at soccer, plays the violin which is awesome to hear him practice, he can play any song i want on the violin, ex. he can play Rude!! haha that is so relaxing) but then from there we went to more meeting.. took along time. but finally unpacked and got everything good. then woke up at 6:30 and went to class at 7 to personal study til breakfast at 8 ( which the food here is awesome! I've gained 5 pounds in 5 days!! haha but i'm trying to make it muscle by working out haha i guess we'll see... ) but then go to a 3 hour class then go to meeting then lunch for 30 minutes, then wait for gym time which is soooo fun! but so many rules! soo we play volleyball, i get pumped up to spike the ball so hard on some kids because they don't let you touch the rims or nets in basketball soooo... boring. but volleyball is so much fun i play with elder labrum( harrison labrum) he gets competitive tooo which your not suppose to, but it just comes natural to me and him haha. but after that we get showered up and go to another 3 hour class, then go to dinner and then go to another 3 hour class... 9 hours in class just sitting down! everybody in my district falls asleep sooner or later haha because we are soo tired. but we have taught an investigator 3 times already, in spanish all of the times!! She said to us last night that she feels something good or different when we teach her which is awesome!! i mean she said it in spanish so i hope thats really what she said :) but that was cool even tho i couldn't understand her very well the spirit was sooo strong! i love baring my testimony in spanish, its so heart felt and thought ful because its all real things that come to mind! the spirit comes soo strong when we bare our testimonies! but ya, my spanish has improved so much, i can for the mostly understand what my teacher and investigator are saying, so that was a cool testimony builder. but i just want to say the days are turning into weeks and the weeks are turning into days!! time goes so slow but soo fast at the same time! haha i love my district they are so funny and awesome. I have seen Elder Jensen, Elder Jenkins. they are fun to talk to! they are doing great! elder jensen leaves anytime! 
well i just want you know that i love you and miss you everyday! i pray for you everyday! hope everything is going good at home! hope you can feel of my love everyday! well... please keep writing me :) 
 Elder Horlacher & Elder Walker

Elder Horlacher with some of his Snow Canyon Brothers: Tom Jensen, Chase Jenkins, Trent Pendelton, Bradshaw at a devotional.

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