Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 23 - TRANSFERRED TO Etchajoa - Elder Hernandez

Adios Esperanza.....HOLA Etchajoa!!!

So ya, I transferred out!! I left Esperanza and I am now in Etchajoa!! I went from a pueblito to another pueblito. haha But all went really good. The last week I had in Esperanza was very, very difficult. We didn't have very much success at all, but we walked a TON!! I think the hardest part about leaving an area, especially when you've been there for 6 months, is saying good bye to the people you helped convert to the gospel! Because really it feels like they are my new family! Its rough, start the mission and leave my real family, then in the first area I leave my convert family! But it really makes me realize how much love I actually have for them! Its a bitter sweet feeling. I promised all of them that I would be back to visit FOR SURE!!! But I left Esperanza at 6 in the morning to get on the bus for 1 hour!! haha but to go to Navajoa, and we waited there for about 4 hours for all the elders & companions to arrive. But it was all good I met my new comp. his name is Elder Hernadez, He is from Mexico City, plays soccer, his just a little guy, and he has 21 months in the mission! But he still wants to work hard, which is great because his companion just finished his mission! Crazy feeling! Etchajoa is a small town with a lot of ranches. We have the privilege to use bikes!! There's only 3 areas that can use bikes in the mission!! This area is big, but I'm so excited, I hear that the church is very, very beautiful and has grass!! I can't wait to play on it! ya I'm like a greenie missionary again, I'm ready to get to work!!
This week I really focused my studies on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is amazing! Literally the whole week I was in awe. I am so grateful for my Redeemer, Savior, and most of all my brother! I Stand All Amazed when I think about how much he really loves me and how much pain he actually did suffer, and that I put him through some of that pain. It's just WOW!!! I would challenge everyone to read in the Bible the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, it is the reason for Easter! NOT the candy, the eggs, the Bunny! Its Christ! Because HE LIVES!!!, and we will also live!! We will get to see our LOVED ones again, my grandpa, I can't wait.  I just wanted to say that I love all of you and want the best for you! I hope you all enjoy the Conferences this week!!! I cant wait! Just remember that I will be watching the same Conference as you at the same time, so it will be like we are together watching conference!!! Les Amo!
Elder Horlacher
 Saying Goodbye to Esperanza

 Trevor LOVES animals, especially dogs.
 He gets pretty fancy with his camera.
Last time walking with Elder Salazar down this road.
 Saying goodbye to Lourdes.
 Saying goodbye to the Leyva Family & Javier.
 They loved him!!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Hernandez
 He couldn't believe how tall Trevor was.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 22-Esperanza-Elder Salazar

Some of the things he shared while chatting back & forth:

Mom I found out today that someone in my zone in the MTC died... she was in Argentina! I asked him if it was the sister missionary who died of Ecoli and was a soccer player from Utah, and he said YES. He was pretty sad about that. 

Ahola..... Woops.. Aloha!!

Well this week went really good and really hard, frustrating.. but all in all it went really good! To start off on Tuesday we were looking for a reference from a member and so we went to a house thinking it was it, but it was empty and the door was open, then we heard someone behind us say... hey Elders, haha he then told us that his son is a member and knows English.... so of coarse I was a little curious about his English because no one in Esperanza can speak perfect English ;) haha but so we went to his house and I was talking to him in Spanish then it just was like his accent changed and spoke perfect English!! haha I was shocked, and I  was so happy, like I had a huge smile on my face while I was talking with him! But what where the chances that we would find him, he lives on the corner of our area and just barely like that day moved back to Esperanza!! and to make it better he plays Football, he's a running back!! Man I was just a very content little boy right there! Oh, his name is Lorenzo! 

Then next big thing that happened this week is a little bit of companion conflict... but all went well we sat down and talked it out, and right when we started we both started to cry... haha I don't know if I should say that, but o well its the truth! The spirit was strong. And now we are going great we get along a lot better, I think almost one month of thoughts just attacking the mind just need to come out, then after I told him like one or two things I didn't like that he does, it was like I started to say things about me, then I started focusing on me instead of him! which really opened my eyes. 

we went to Hornos again and taught 3 lessons in 2 hours!! It was so cool, and the people we taught are very potential investigators, the only problem is how far they live.. Its like a 25 minute bus ride, that cost 15 pesos one way!!! Dang how expensive!

Saturday while we were giving tours 2 ladies stopped and asked for limonada, so we gave it to them, then one told us that she has family that lives in Utah and she loves it there and all this stuff!! haha and then we asked them if they wanted to take a tour and they said yes. So Elder Miller and I (two gringos that have the same time, not fluent) took them on a tour! And when I was explaining about the chapel and what we do in there, they asked us if we could sing a hymn. So we had a member there and he played the piano and we sang a hymn haha, (I'm getting pretty good at this singing thing) then we went and showed the baptismal font and after that they asked us if we could give them a blessing!!  I was just wondering can we do this? But then I remembered that Jesus used his priesthood for all to help all! So Elder Miller gave one, and I gave the other! That was one of my best blessings I've given! But what a strange tour that was haha. 

Sunday! Javier came and received the Holy Ghost!! and after he received it I was going to sit at the sacrament table and saw him say to himself "wow" haha I read his lips. He felt the spirit really strong! and so did I! Such a cool experience! But ya that's all in this week!! 

Love you all! Thanks for everything!! I hope that you can feel my love EVERY SINGLE time I pray, because I pray for you guys.

Elder Horlacher
 Trevor loves the carnival, so he was pretty excited when he saw this on his way to church.
 This is their chapel.

Monday, March 16, 2015

WEEK 21 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar


well.... this week started off really hard for me.... because Annie told us of something that happened to her... so i'm going to tell you all what she told us. 

She let us in and she looked different she didn't have the happy look on her face when she saw us... so we went in and sat down. Then we started and talked a little, then she told us why she didn't come to church. She said, "after you guys left and after we watched that video and I felt the spirit so strong, I said a prayer and asked for guidance and protection, then when I ended I turned on the TV and the first show I was was named "The truth about the Mormons"... a 3 hour documentary about polygamy." but then she said, "I don't understand, did you guys know that your church does this??" and we said, "we DON'T do that, that is a different church!" then she understood that. But then she told us that in the movie their prophet was arrested and he was just laughing and holding up a Book of Mormon.  Then she asked us that, "How can a man so wrong & so evil have this sacred book that you use?" and we explained, "that anyone is welcome to the book, it's just his way of mocking it", but she was very doubtful. So then I asked her, "Annie, why do you think that this movie came on or that she found it right after she had this amazing experience?"... she just sat there... then I tried explaining, "that it was of Satan that he was trying to destroy the little testimony that you have right now", then she BLEW UP and just said to me, "ooo now your saying Satan's in my house?"... I was like "NO!! NO!! NO!!" but she was really confused and she just promised us that she was going to see the movie, "Meet the Mormons" the next day, then the day after that we were going to return with a member of the bishopric! But she told us that "all the times before she had the door wide open for us and never questioned us... but now she told us that she is about to shut the door with us!!"

So we returned Thursday, but she wasn't there or idk...I called her and called her but she didn't answer!! So now we are really confused what to do with her, I want to help her so bad but idk..(This just shows to me that Satan see's how hard me and my companion are working with her and how much we want this to be part of her life, but he is working hard also. This just means I HAVE TO WORK HARDER than HIM!!! Please pray for Annie and ME)

But on the brighter side I had inter cambios 2 times this week once with Elder Cruz in his area, then one with Elder Kartchner in my area!! Elder Kartchner is a stud, he has the most enthusiasm of this work I've seen here in the mission, and he is him self when he teaches and does this work, he makes it fun!! That was great to be with him! He motivates me to be like him. Someday when me language is mastered they will see the FULL ME!!

This week has been a testimony trier... butIi can truly say that I know this gospel is true and that this work that I'm doing here in Esperanza is the most important thing I could be doing right now!! I know this because Satan is trying to destroy my work!! I know that my Heavenly Father listens to my pleas!! This week he answered my prayer through another missionary, I had a doubt and asked that I could resolve this and he sent him to give me the scripture I needed but not just that, because I already knew this scripture, but he explained it to what I needed!! 
I LOVE THIS WORK and I hope all of you can feel my love for you all!! Thanks so much for what ever you do for me!!

Elder Horlacher
 Scary part of the neighborhood, checking for people to teach.
 My sister has a dance group called Kalamity and the younger group is
called KAOS. So when Trevor saw this he had to get a picture
for them!!! He loves what they stand for,
 "Helping Families One Kalamity and Kaos at a time"
He feels like he is doing the same work.
 I love seeing my boy!!!
I miss him tooo much, but so proud of him!!

 He captioned these as Washington Fields???
Trevor sent this poem and it brought me to tears while I was reading it,
It made me worried because I knew the difficulty that he had this week, but I'm sure
this was something that was an answer to his PLEA's to his 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 20 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar

HOLA Familia... haha 

Well this week was pretty dang good!! I just want to start off by saying a HUGE THANKS to EVERYONE that sent me a heartfelt letter, for the letters of my fellow SC Missionary buddies and emails to those that wished me a happy birthday, it really was one of  THE BEST birthdays in my life!! IT WAS SO AMAZING! I have the best family and friends!!!

Well this week started of pretty hard, with finding or meeting with people to teach. But all went well! So on my birthday, Friday-March 6th, we went to Obregon for a zone conference, which is always awesome. I get to talk and see people that I haven't seen for awhile and to add to that excitement, they all sang me a Spanish church "Happy Birthday" song haha then all the gringos sang, "Happy Birthday" to me, it was pretty cool! Then I went to the mission offices and got my package!! Man THANKS SO MUCH for that package!! I think my favorite part of it is all the wonderful letters!! haha I love reading what everyone of you had to say!! All so different haha.  Afterwards, we went back to Esperanza to eat and from lunch we went straight to the Baptism for Javier!!! We got there and there wasn't a lot of support because, it was on a Friday, at 3:00 so it was hard to have a good attendance.. but I baptized him and it was pretty cool!! The water was a little cold and I was so focused on saying his name right that I almost messed up on the prayer... haha but all went well and it was such a cool experience on my birthday, what a great gift for me to give to someone that I care about!! Then after the baptism, my companion told them all that it was my birthday and they sang the Spanish church song again haha Then the grandma of Javier came and it looked like she was going to give me a hug... so I just put my arm out stiff and shook her hand... haha. 

After the baptism we went to teach Joshua!! And that was a cool lesson! He is soooo ready, soooo prepared, he has the desire to be baptized, to study, pray, but the one slight problem is that his dad won't let him....and that is a big problem for us missionaries... but we are going to continue to teach him the lessons and pray for him, and we have faith that heavenly father will soften his dads heart and let him do what is right!! Then to finish off my birthday we bought a tres leches cake, and so I ate that, then I sat on my bed and read all the letters that night:) thanks so much for those letters!! I can't thank you enough!!

A Spiritual experience that I had this week was we went to see how Annie was doing and if she still wants us to teach her. So we got there and started teaching her but as normal she started asking a TON of questions, and one of her biggest doubts about us is that we can baptize her.. that we have the priesthood! So we told her if she doesn't believe us then we will bring the Bishop to explain it to her... and she was pleased with that..So then we wanted to show her a video (The Hope of Gods Light) and so we put it on and watched it... and wow that video is so powerful! After it got over she turned and had a different face... then my companion told her what he liked about this video and said that every time he watches it he feels something. Then she turned to me and asked "do you feel something?" And I said, "yes I feel peaceful, joy, happy, and a love like no other". Then she didn't say anything and I thought "oh no those sound like cliche responses!!" so I hurried and asked if she felt something, and she said, "you know something, I have always asked why God keeps sending you two here, when I forget to do my homework, when I don't study or read. But when I was watching this video   I realized that it's NOT Elder Salazar or                 Elder Horlacher knocking on the door.. it's God!!"  WOW!! I cant tell you how strong the spirit was... literally I wanted to cry in joy!! but I held it in:) and I told her that I was going to be talking in sacrament meeting on Sunday and she said, "ok I will come!!" so we left happy!!

But when Sunday came around... we waited and waited and waited but none of our investigators came... not even Javier to receive the Holy Ghost!!! So that was really kind of a punch in the face or a downer... But I still had to give my talk, so I gave my first talk in sacrament meeting, and it went alright haha I didn't look at the paper the whole time!! and I talked for 9 minutes haha I was pretty surprised with it but I still don't have control of my knees when I give talks... haha but ya this is my week!! 

I love you all thanks for all you continue to do for me and all of my letters, they were the BEST gifts ever!! Be safe and remember that not only I love you, but Heavenly Father and Jesus LOVE YOU!!
Elder Horlacher
You have NO idea how much this birthday box meant to this boy.
He could not thank me enough for the LETTERS that I collected from coaches, teachers,
friends, families, uncles, aunts, cousins and sisters. That was all he asked for and the
Jesus The Christ Book (Thanks to Coach Campbell). He said it was the BEST BIRTHDAY!!

Elder Horlacher and Javier.
Elder Horlacher & Elder Salazar with Javier and his family.
Trevor said that this is a BAR in Mexico.
He said at least they don't DRINK and DRIVE! haha

Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 19 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar

mom!!! how are you? thanks for all the check ups!!! that's so cool to hear where everyone is going on their missions now!!"! So crazy that it is already that time to start opening all their calls!! Dang seems just like yesterday! And yes the 6th month mark!! WOW I'm getting old in mission and in 3 days I'll be older, not just a little 18 year old!!! It really is like what every one says "a blink and its gone" how crazy!! It feels just like yesterday that I was in the MTC, or at home watching you work in the office... haha or playing Rubgy & Football!! But I can honestly say that this 6 months have been the biggest teaching and building as a priesthood holder, member, man, and all in all A BETTER ME!! I have a found a love for people that I didn't even know... when I think about that... it's just kinda weird haha but its a good thing!!!

This week we have come back in touch with an old investigator named Joshua and he is 14 years old, and he has been prepared!!!! He is ready, its amazing because we have tried teaching him ever since I arrived here in Esperanza, but in his own time (Heavenly Father) he prepared him! he loves to read out of the Book of Mormon, and wants to be baptized!! It's amazing to watch Joshua learn more and find the light. His date for baptism is the 20th!!! so pray that his parents will allow him, and that he will be able to prepare for this day!! Then we have a baptism Saturday for Javier!! So I'm pretty much pumped in this work right now!! My Spanish is alright I can talk a little more fluently, but ya I can understand mostly all!! what a blessing haha 

Lourdes is doing great she is going to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead for her family!!! She is amazing and such a strength in the gospel. wow really already!!

Annie is good but she still hasn't come to church!!! She is starting to understand our religion but she needs to come to church!! 

The guy that I gave him a blessing he doesn't want to come to church so there is nothing we can do so we said we will come back to his house in a while to see if he is ready.. but I gave another blessing to the grandma of Javier and she said if we hadn't have come when we did that she might have done something that would have been really bad... she is really sad, depressed... one of her sons is a drug addict and beat her because she was protecting her grandson from him.... how sad... so I gave her a blessing of peace, comfort and of health.. I was stumbling on words and all, but she felt a lot better after the blessing, I could tell.

We had intercambios (transfers for a day) and I went to another area in Obregon, it was really different, which is really strange because its only like 20 minutes away! But it went really good, we had a apostolic yell at us and tell us to leave because we were teaching about the Book of Mormon to her son that is like 70! haha She almost called us the devils but my comp. Elder Flores corrected her... hehe then I got to see Elder Funk and Elder Vargason from the MTC! which was good! well I don't know really what else to say... 

But all I can say, is the best feeling is when you see the light of the gospel start to shine in someone you love, or see them find it for them selves! It's amazing :)

Love you all and thanks for the emails and package, and especially THANK YOU for all of your prayers (if you pray for me;) even if you don't thanks!! Love you all!! 

Elder Horlacher
Making pancakes for his district with Elder Cruz

Trevor with the Yaquis Indians in the street

Trevor got to spend some time with Elder Funk & Elder Vargason, from the MTC

Getting ready to go out in the rain!!

Shoe UPDATE: Hanging on by a thread