Monday, January 25, 2016

Week 66 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Salomon

 On transfer day on Monday 1/18th Elder Horlacher got a picture with Elder Wahlstrom. They were pretty excited to see each other. Then he was introduced to his new companion Elder Salomon. Trevor is excited about serving with him. He has remained in the same area, Ciudad Obregon - and is now District Leader. 
 Pretty cool pictures of their walk to church on Sunday morning.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 65 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ TRANSFER (Elder Yoo - Elder Salomon)

This week me and Elder Yoo had a little bit of stumbles as a companionship, but after all we fixed through it all and we became even better friends. Elder Yoo has become one of my best friends here in the mission. I love that little Korean missionary. After all that we received Transfers!!! Transfers are Elder Yoo left really far to the Jardines Ward (which we share the church building with that ward) as a Zone Leader, and I am staying in Valles for the 5th transfer and receiving Elder Salomon! He is from Monterrey, Mexico, he's a cool guy, a convert of about 2 years! He's really cool! He can speak English!!!! Which is really cool! I think we will get along just great! 
Well this week we had some troubles in our area... literally NOBODY opened the door for us for about 2 days!! It was so hard, we just walked and walked! But after all we found one of the references that we got from Elizabeth, and her name is Magi, and she is really cool, she is willing to listen to us and do the "homework" that we leave her! haha we invited her to baptism on the first visit and she accepted! She just couldn't come to church for an activity that happened in a little town far off! But we are really excited for her!! 

I have been called to be a District Leader..... and I am straight up nervous... I feel incapable I feel like I just won't be the best leader to encourage and help my District! But I've got to realize that that is Satan putting those thoughts in my head. I've got to believe in myself and know that I am called at this time for a reason, haha I'm very nervous! but hey I know it is a huge growing moment for me! I need to be better and this is going to help me achieve it!! So I will be here learning a ton and trying my best!! 
Love you all and thanks for all your prayers!! I can truly feel your prayers for me. Have a great week! 

Elder Horlacher

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 64 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Yoo

So This week was FULL OF Miracles!! This week was awesome! so to start off telling you all about this huge miracle that happened, it all started with the past weeks, we have been trying to help Elizabeth get baptized, but week after week we couldn't baptize her because she was living with a man that wasn't her husband. And we told her to talk to him about her desires of getting baptized, but week after week he wouldn't leave!! So we were getting frustrated because we weren't seeing any progress or results so we were getting a little doubtful that we were going to be able to see her get baptized, since this coming Monday is transfers and we wanted to make sure that both of us get to see her in the waters of baptism. Then our zone leaders told us that we should do a fast with her. So that's exactly what we did! We fasted with her so that she would be able to be baptized on Sunday!  So we did it and we went to see what has happened so far on Wednesday and nothing had changed, so we decided to talk to him about it, so we did and he told us that he had a change of heart and that he understood that he had to go, so he told us that he was going to leave the next day. And that he was going to go that day to get the permission to drive a car without plates on the road. Elizabeth told us that they never give the permission if they don't have a license (which he doesn't have) so we got a little worried. But we returned the next day and Elizabeth came and told us that he was leaving & that he got the permission to drive on the streets with out plates (that's a miracle)!! It was so crazy!! So he slowly started moving out. We planned everything and her interview to be baptized was on Saturday. so when we passed by on Saturday to practice the questions with her, HE WAS STILL THERE!!! We were like "Hermana, if he doesn't leave then you cant' be baptized or interviewed! he has to be gone before your interview!!!" We told her to call us when he left! She then called us 2 hours before her interview!! She passed her interview and asked ME if I could baptize her! She was baptized on Sunday! I gave a talk and shared this huge miracle with everyone and told them that Fasting is something very special and powerful! That Heavenly Father just wants to hear from us and see our strong desire and ask for his help. 

I know that Fasting is something commanded by God so that we as his children can become better and overcome the Natural man! Because like it says, "the natural man is a enemy of God", and I can Bare my testimony to all of you that God listens to our petitions and knows our needs but sometimes he just wants to see us work, sacrifice or even serve somebody to receive the blessing so that we learn something also! I know that he prepares the way so that we can complete all the commandments or challenges that we have! I know that he loves us! And I KNOW that he knows us individually and wants the best for us. Whatever is important to us, is important to him as well. I love being a missionary and love seeing first hand these miracles. 
I love you all,

Elder Horlacher

Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 63 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Yoo

Sooo this week went by really fast!! and its been a week 
kinda hard but fun in the same time. Like this week we had 
a party as missionaries for Christmas and we pretty much just 
wore street clothes and did activities. 

It was pretty fun, 
we played capture 
the flag, soccer, 
volleyball, and a 
chair game! 
I was totally 
enjoying myself, 
I've been having 
withdrawals from
playing sports. I 
miss that type of 
activity soo much that I think sometimes it puts me into a funk. 
But this week I had some rough thoughts, but I was just really 
discouraged and not wanting to do anything. I just felt worthless
... idk why but I just felt bad, so my companion noticed after a 
few days and he sat me down and straight up asked me, "what 
was happening", and well I'm not that good at expressing myself,
but I told him what I was feeling, and when I did that, I didn't feel 
alone anymore or I didn't feel that weight on my shoulders, I 
learned from this experience that we shouldn't have to take on 
everything on ourselves. And when I was thinking about this the 
scripture in D&C 19:15-20! 
Which tells us that we can depend on Christ, he commands us to 
repent and if we don't then we are going to suffer even as he did!
Which is a huge pain, that he himself (God) trembled because of
the pain! It was something that I was feeling in this moment that 
I was alone, dealing with all of these problems alone, and it was 
getting to me, taking me away from what I should be doing with 
100 percent of my attention! So depend on the people around 
you to help carry your load or the most "Trust in the Lord!!" 
He is the best of friends that can help you relieve your pain, 
sadness, doubts! I know that to be true, he has his way to work 
and it will always help!! but it just takes time!! So sorry about my 
discouragement, but I was thankful for my companion and my Savior 
who continues to teach me. Get the Hence SATAN!! 
Leave me ALONE!

Right now with Elizabeth is taking a lot more time then we were 
expecting, her boyfriend still hasn't moved out of her house so she 
still hasn't been able to be baptized, but her faith is so strong! She 
Fasted with us this Sunday!! Her testimony is so strong! Our church is 
now at 8:00 in the morning and she came with a huge smile on her 
face for the whole 3hours, and the attendance really went down, but 
she came stayed and learned!! I love her and her kids, they are truly 
part of my heart!!

We have found a lot of new investigators this week, we worked good, 
a lot of success, just no investigators at church because it was at 8:00,
but we are going to change that this week, we will have investigators!! 
I love you all so much!! I always say it but its true!! 
Have a great week!! 

Elder Horlacher