Monday, January 4, 2016

Week 63 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Yoo

Sooo this week went by really fast!! and its been a week 
kinda hard but fun in the same time. Like this week we had 
a party as missionaries for Christmas and we pretty much just 
wore street clothes and did activities. 

It was pretty fun, 
we played capture 
the flag, soccer, 
volleyball, and a 
chair game! 
I was totally 
enjoying myself, 
I've been having 
withdrawals from
playing sports. I 
miss that type of 
activity soo much that I think sometimes it puts me into a funk. 
But this week I had some rough thoughts, but I was just really 
discouraged and not wanting to do anything. I just felt worthless
... idk why but I just felt bad, so my companion noticed after a 
few days and he sat me down and straight up asked me, "what 
was happening", and well I'm not that good at expressing myself,
but I told him what I was feeling, and when I did that, I didn't feel 
alone anymore or I didn't feel that weight on my shoulders, I 
learned from this experience that we shouldn't have to take on 
everything on ourselves. And when I was thinking about this the 
scripture in D&C 19:15-20! 
Which tells us that we can depend on Christ, he commands us to 
repent and if we don't then we are going to suffer even as he did!
Which is a huge pain, that he himself (God) trembled because of
the pain! It was something that I was feeling in this moment that 
I was alone, dealing with all of these problems alone, and it was 
getting to me, taking me away from what I should be doing with 
100 percent of my attention! So depend on the people around 
you to help carry your load or the most "Trust in the Lord!!" 
He is the best of friends that can help you relieve your pain, 
sadness, doubts! I know that to be true, he has his way to work 
and it will always help!! but it just takes time!! So sorry about my 
discouragement, but I was thankful for my companion and my Savior 
who continues to teach me. Get the Hence SATAN!! 
Leave me ALONE!

Right now with Elizabeth is taking a lot more time then we were 
expecting, her boyfriend still hasn't moved out of her house so she 
still hasn't been able to be baptized, but her faith is so strong! She 
Fasted with us this Sunday!! Her testimony is so strong! Our church is 
now at 8:00 in the morning and she came with a huge smile on her 
face for the whole 3hours, and the attendance really went down, but 
she came stayed and learned!! I love her and her kids, they are truly 
part of my heart!!

We have found a lot of new investigators this week, we worked good, 
a lot of success, just no investigators at church because it was at 8:00,
but we are going to change that this week, we will have investigators!! 
I love you all so much!! I always say it but its true!! 
Have a great week!! 

Elder Horlacher

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