Monday, December 28, 2015

Week 62 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Yoo

Hey everyone!!! 
So this week was Christmas!!! and it was great!!! We didn't have a normal Christmas dinner of the united states haha we ended up eating Carne Asada for the Christmas dinner!!! haha it was actually great! This week we didn't have a lot of lessons because everyone left for vacations but we did our best and we had some great lessons we found a new family to teach, and they are very very potential!! 

So this Sunday, we went to church like normal but when the bishop arrived he walked up to me and told me hey... Prepare a talk! and that was it!!! Then he announced that me and my companion were going to give talks!! haha it was so intense but we (my companion and I) ended up giving talks about enduring unto the end-ME, and The Book of Mormon-Elder YooI .! It was pretty frightening but it went great! The attendance was only 30 people but hey its still scary.. haha 

I just want to thank everyone who did something for me or someone of my family this Christmas! I thoroughly enjoyed all of the letters that I received. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives and write me a letter, it meant so much to me. I love you all and it was a great time talking to you guys on Christmas!! Elder Yoo enjoyed meeting you all and thought we were crazy.  I hope all is going great!! and hope that you all had a great Christmas!! and I wish you all a Happy New Year, Be careful don't do too many crazy things!! love you all! 

Elder Horlacher

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