Monday, January 18, 2016

Week 65 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ TRANSFER (Elder Yoo - Elder Salomon)

This week me and Elder Yoo had a little bit of stumbles as a companionship, but after all we fixed through it all and we became even better friends. Elder Yoo has become one of my best friends here in the mission. I love that little Korean missionary. After all that we received Transfers!!! Transfers are Elder Yoo left really far to the Jardines Ward (which we share the church building with that ward) as a Zone Leader, and I am staying in Valles for the 5th transfer and receiving Elder Salomon! He is from Monterrey, Mexico, he's a cool guy, a convert of about 2 years! He's really cool! He can speak English!!!! Which is really cool! I think we will get along just great! 
Well this week we had some troubles in our area... literally NOBODY opened the door for us for about 2 days!! It was so hard, we just walked and walked! But after all we found one of the references that we got from Elizabeth, and her name is Magi, and she is really cool, she is willing to listen to us and do the "homework" that we leave her! haha we invited her to baptism on the first visit and she accepted! She just couldn't come to church for an activity that happened in a little town far off! But we are really excited for her!! 

I have been called to be a District Leader..... and I am straight up nervous... I feel incapable I feel like I just won't be the best leader to encourage and help my District! But I've got to realize that that is Satan putting those thoughts in my head. I've got to believe in myself and know that I am called at this time for a reason, haha I'm very nervous! but hey I know it is a huge growing moment for me! I need to be better and this is going to help me achieve it!! So I will be here learning a ton and trying my best!! 
Love you all and thanks for all your prayers!! I can truly feel your prayers for me. Have a great week! 

Elder Horlacher

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