Monday, March 16, 2015

WEEK 21 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar


well.... this week started off really hard for me.... because Annie told us of something that happened to her... so i'm going to tell you all what she told us. 

She let us in and she looked different she didn't have the happy look on her face when she saw us... so we went in and sat down. Then we started and talked a little, then she told us why she didn't come to church. She said, "after you guys left and after we watched that video and I felt the spirit so strong, I said a prayer and asked for guidance and protection, then when I ended I turned on the TV and the first show I was was named "The truth about the Mormons"... a 3 hour documentary about polygamy." but then she said, "I don't understand, did you guys know that your church does this??" and we said, "we DON'T do that, that is a different church!" then she understood that. But then she told us that in the movie their prophet was arrested and he was just laughing and holding up a Book of Mormon.  Then she asked us that, "How can a man so wrong & so evil have this sacred book that you use?" and we explained, "that anyone is welcome to the book, it's just his way of mocking it", but she was very doubtful. So then I asked her, "Annie, why do you think that this movie came on or that she found it right after she had this amazing experience?"... she just sat there... then I tried explaining, "that it was of Satan that he was trying to destroy the little testimony that you have right now", then she BLEW UP and just said to me, "ooo now your saying Satan's in my house?"... I was like "NO!! NO!! NO!!" but she was really confused and she just promised us that she was going to see the movie, "Meet the Mormons" the next day, then the day after that we were going to return with a member of the bishopric! But she told us that "all the times before she had the door wide open for us and never questioned us... but now she told us that she is about to shut the door with us!!"

So we returned Thursday, but she wasn't there or idk...I called her and called her but she didn't answer!! So now we are really confused what to do with her, I want to help her so bad but idk..(This just shows to me that Satan see's how hard me and my companion are working with her and how much we want this to be part of her life, but he is working hard also. This just means I HAVE TO WORK HARDER than HIM!!! Please pray for Annie and ME)

But on the brighter side I had inter cambios 2 times this week once with Elder Cruz in his area, then one with Elder Kartchner in my area!! Elder Kartchner is a stud, he has the most enthusiasm of this work I've seen here in the mission, and he is him self when he teaches and does this work, he makes it fun!! That was great to be with him! He motivates me to be like him. Someday when me language is mastered they will see the FULL ME!!

This week has been a testimony trier... butIi can truly say that I know this gospel is true and that this work that I'm doing here in Esperanza is the most important thing I could be doing right now!! I know this because Satan is trying to destroy my work!! I know that my Heavenly Father listens to my pleas!! This week he answered my prayer through another missionary, I had a doubt and asked that I could resolve this and he sent him to give me the scripture I needed but not just that, because I already knew this scripture, but he explained it to what I needed!! 
I LOVE THIS WORK and I hope all of you can feel my love for you all!! Thanks so much for what ever you do for me!!

Elder Horlacher
 Scary part of the neighborhood, checking for people to teach.
 My sister has a dance group called Kalamity and the younger group is
called KAOS. So when Trevor saw this he had to get a picture
for them!!! He loves what they stand for,
 "Helping Families One Kalamity and Kaos at a time"
He feels like he is doing the same work.
 I love seeing my boy!!!
I miss him tooo much, but so proud of him!!

 He captioned these as Washington Fields???
Trevor sent this poem and it brought me to tears while I was reading it,
It made me worried because I knew the difficulty that he had this week, but I'm sure
this was something that was an answer to his PLEA's to his 

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