Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 22-Esperanza-Elder Salazar

Some of the things he shared while chatting back & forth:

Mom I found out today that someone in my zone in the MTC died... she was in Argentina! I asked him if it was the sister missionary who died of Ecoli and was a soccer player from Utah, and he said YES. He was pretty sad about that. 

Ahola..... Woops.. Aloha!!

Well this week went really good and really hard, frustrating.. but all in all it went really good! To start off on Tuesday we were looking for a reference from a member and so we went to a house thinking it was it, but it was empty and the door was open, then we heard someone behind us say... hey Elders, haha he then told us that his son is a member and knows English.... so of coarse I was a little curious about his English because no one in Esperanza can speak perfect English ;) haha but so we went to his house and I was talking to him in Spanish then it just was like his accent changed and spoke perfect English!! haha I was shocked, and I  was so happy, like I had a huge smile on my face while I was talking with him! But what where the chances that we would find him, he lives on the corner of our area and just barely like that day moved back to Esperanza!! and to make it better he plays Football, he's a running back!! Man I was just a very content little boy right there! Oh, his name is Lorenzo! 

Then next big thing that happened this week is a little bit of companion conflict... but all went well we sat down and talked it out, and right when we started we both started to cry... haha I don't know if I should say that, but o well its the truth! The spirit was strong. And now we are going great we get along a lot better, I think almost one month of thoughts just attacking the mind just need to come out, then after I told him like one or two things I didn't like that he does, it was like I started to say things about me, then I started focusing on me instead of him! which really opened my eyes. 

we went to Hornos again and taught 3 lessons in 2 hours!! It was so cool, and the people we taught are very potential investigators, the only problem is how far they live.. Its like a 25 minute bus ride, that cost 15 pesos one way!!! Dang how expensive!

Saturday while we were giving tours 2 ladies stopped and asked for limonada, so we gave it to them, then one told us that she has family that lives in Utah and she loves it there and all this stuff!! haha and then we asked them if they wanted to take a tour and they said yes. So Elder Miller and I (two gringos that have the same time, not fluent) took them on a tour! And when I was explaining about the chapel and what we do in there, they asked us if we could sing a hymn. So we had a member there and he played the piano and we sang a hymn haha, (I'm getting pretty good at this singing thing) then we went and showed the baptismal font and after that they asked us if we could give them a blessing!!  I was just wondering can we do this? But then I remembered that Jesus used his priesthood for all to help all! So Elder Miller gave one, and I gave the other! That was one of my best blessings I've given! But what a strange tour that was haha. 

Sunday! Javier came and received the Holy Ghost!! and after he received it I was going to sit at the sacrament table and saw him say to himself "wow" haha I read his lips. He felt the spirit really strong! and so did I! Such a cool experience! But ya that's all in this week!! 

Love you all! Thanks for everything!! I hope that you can feel my love EVERY SINGLE time I pray, because I pray for you guys.

Elder Horlacher
 Trevor loves the carnival, so he was pretty excited when he saw this on his way to church.
 This is their chapel.

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  1. I love that kid! :) makes me cry every week!!!