Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 23 - TRANSFERRED TO Etchajoa - Elder Hernandez

Adios Esperanza.....HOLA Etchajoa!!!

So ya, I transferred out!! I left Esperanza and I am now in Etchajoa!! I went from a pueblito to another pueblito. haha But all went really good. The last week I had in Esperanza was very, very difficult. We didn't have very much success at all, but we walked a TON!! I think the hardest part about leaving an area, especially when you've been there for 6 months, is saying good bye to the people you helped convert to the gospel! Because really it feels like they are my new family! Its rough, start the mission and leave my real family, then in the first area I leave my convert family! But it really makes me realize how much love I actually have for them! Its a bitter sweet feeling. I promised all of them that I would be back to visit FOR SURE!!! But I left Esperanza at 6 in the morning to get on the bus for 1 hour!! haha but to go to Navajoa, and we waited there for about 4 hours for all the elders & companions to arrive. But it was all good I met my new comp. his name is Elder Hernadez, He is from Mexico City, plays soccer, his just a little guy, and he has 21 months in the mission! But he still wants to work hard, which is great because his companion just finished his mission! Crazy feeling! Etchajoa is a small town with a lot of ranches. We have the privilege to use bikes!! There's only 3 areas that can use bikes in the mission!! This area is big, but I'm so excited, I hear that the church is very, very beautiful and has grass!! I can't wait to play on it! ya I'm like a greenie missionary again, I'm ready to get to work!!
This week I really focused my studies on the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, and it is amazing! Literally the whole week I was in awe. I am so grateful for my Redeemer, Savior, and most of all my brother! I Stand All Amazed when I think about how much he really loves me and how much pain he actually did suffer, and that I put him through some of that pain. It's just WOW!!! I would challenge everyone to read in the Bible the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ, it is the reason for Easter! NOT the candy, the eggs, the Bunny! Its Christ! Because HE LIVES!!!, and we will also live!! We will get to see our LOVED ones again, my grandpa, I can't wait.  I just wanted to say that I love all of you and want the best for you! I hope you all enjoy the Conferences this week!!! I cant wait! Just remember that I will be watching the same Conference as you at the same time, so it will be like we are together watching conference!!! Les Amo!
Elder Horlacher
 Saying Goodbye to Esperanza

 Trevor LOVES animals, especially dogs.
 He gets pretty fancy with his camera.
Last time walking with Elder Salazar down this road.
 Saying goodbye to Lourdes.
 Saying goodbye to the Leyva Family & Javier.
 They loved him!!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Hernandez
 He couldn't believe how tall Trevor was.

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