Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 19 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar

mom!!! how are you? thanks for all the check ups!!! that's so cool to hear where everyone is going on their missions now!!"! So crazy that it is already that time to start opening all their calls!! Dang seems just like yesterday! And yes the 6th month mark!! WOW I'm getting old in mission and in 3 days I'll be older, not just a little 18 year old!!! It really is like what every one says "a blink and its gone" how crazy!! It feels just like yesterday that I was in the MTC, or at home watching you work in the office... haha or playing Rubgy & Football!! But I can honestly say that this 6 months have been the biggest teaching and building as a priesthood holder, member, man, and all in all A BETTER ME!! I have a found a love for people that I didn't even know... when I think about that... it's just kinda weird haha but its a good thing!!!

This week we have come back in touch with an old investigator named Joshua and he is 14 years old, and he has been prepared!!!! He is ready, its amazing because we have tried teaching him ever since I arrived here in Esperanza, but in his own time (Heavenly Father) he prepared him! he loves to read out of the Book of Mormon, and wants to be baptized!! It's amazing to watch Joshua learn more and find the light. His date for baptism is the 20th!!! so pray that his parents will allow him, and that he will be able to prepare for this day!! Then we have a baptism Saturday for Javier!! So I'm pretty much pumped in this work right now!! My Spanish is alright I can talk a little more fluently, but ya I can understand mostly all!! what a blessing haha 

Lourdes is doing great she is going to the temple this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead for her family!!! She is amazing and such a strength in the gospel. wow really already!!

Annie is good but she still hasn't come to church!!! She is starting to understand our religion but she needs to come to church!! 

The guy that I gave him a blessing he doesn't want to come to church so there is nothing we can do so we said we will come back to his house in a while to see if he is ready.. but I gave another blessing to the grandma of Javier and she said if we hadn't have come when we did that she might have done something that would have been really bad... she is really sad, depressed... one of her sons is a drug addict and beat her because she was protecting her grandson from him.... how sad... so I gave her a blessing of peace, comfort and of health.. I was stumbling on words and all, but she felt a lot better after the blessing, I could tell.

We had intercambios (transfers for a day) and I went to another area in Obregon, it was really different, which is really strange because its only like 20 minutes away! But it went really good, we had a apostolic yell at us and tell us to leave because we were teaching about the Book of Mormon to her son that is like 70! haha She almost called us the devils but my comp. Elder Flores corrected her... hehe then I got to see Elder Funk and Elder Vargason from the MTC! which was good! well I don't know really what else to say... 

But all I can say, is the best feeling is when you see the light of the gospel start to shine in someone you love, or see them find it for them selves! It's amazing :)

Love you all and thanks for the emails and package, and especially THANK YOU for all of your prayers (if you pray for me;) even if you don't thanks!! Love you all!! 

Elder Horlacher
Making pancakes for his district with Elder Cruz

Trevor with the Yaquis Indians in the street

Trevor got to spend some time with Elder Funk & Elder Vargason, from the MTC

Getting ready to go out in the rain!!

Shoe UPDATE: Hanging on by a thread

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