Monday, February 23, 2015

Week 18 - Esperanza - Elder Salazar

HOLA con todo mi corazón!!

This week was a really good week, but really sad at the same time.... haha but to start off I want to just tell you how crazy last Monday was & how protected we are as missionaries!! So to start off we packed up Elder Ramirez, then we were waiting outside of our house, then we started walking & then stopped and thought, its better just to wait for a bus to pass here, so we walked to the shade and when we got there, we heard a tire squeal? then a boom!! and there was a car accident right where we were standing!! haha that was a dang cool experience! Nobody was hurt but it was really cool, because we know that Heavenly Father prompted us to move!! Then the bus came and while on the  bus we drifted a muddy corner in a bus!! haha I was just loving life, (I hadn't felt adrenaline like that in a long time) Then on the way back from dropping off Elder Ramirez's things, we got stuck in the mud on the bus for 20 minutes... and I was still loving life!! haha we were just laughing at NOTHING!! Everyone probably thought we were just "crazy mormons"... haha But I really had a great day, I thought it was funny, I just kept giggling. 

But this week we really tried to work with members. So he took us to one of his elementary teachers... and we already tried to teach his wife, and she is the really, really catholic women... but he is really different, he doesn't have a lot of religion aspect like his wife. He doesn't read the bible and doesn't go to church that often... so we started teaching him and everything went really well, he said he would read the pamphlet and that we can return!! so that was really cool! 

This week we contacted 72 people in 5 days... and I don't think I've seen or have received so much rejection in just contacts... but maybe we weren't contacting that much before, but we only received 22 references! I was a little discouraged and thinking, "what are we doing wrong, what do I need to do?" but we are talking to people for the first time maybe, but I can say that we have found new investigators! People that are facing some troubles and we literally have the answers from God in our message for them!! and I am so happy glad that we found them when we did, I cant wait to share this message with them.

I just want to say, "Let your light so shine forth!" 

 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."

be the best that you can be, & be proud that you are mormon, because it is true joy that we can participate!! I got to watch the movie, "Meet the Mormons" and that's what I realized is that they expressed the joy and happiness that they felt with others, whether it was through charity or by helping others, sharing what we know with our friends or just someone. Lets be the light of the world!

Love Elder Horlacher

 Brand New District:
Elder Miller, Elder Salazar, Hermanas, Elder Cruz and Elder Horlacher

 Elder Horlacher's companion hurt his back and so Trevor said that he did
a Doterra treatment on him. He said, "Mom all I had was DEEP BLUE RUB,
so I put that on him and put a warm compress and then put a bag and a towel.
He said that he felt so much better the next day. 
 I think these two pictures are quite interesting, taken a few seconds apart
and one is filled with orbs and the other clear. GO FIGURE!!! 
 ON Saturday, which was my mom's birthday I received this.
 He LOVES his grandma!!
 He said that it looked like this dog just came from grocery shopping

Elder Horlacher, Salazar, Miller and Cruz
Trevor's new companion: Elder Salazar

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