Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 16 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

Well this week was pretty good, to start off Monday we went to Sam's and bought 12 liters of milk and I've drank 8 of them already, yep I love Milk and I'm getting chubby. Then we went to Walmart and ate Chinese food, which was really good & cheap-I know it's kind of surprising. I picked up Oreos and Chips Ahoy and I am almost done with them and they were BIG packages. (Oh I am not eating very healthy!)
But Monday, Fui Bien we still haven't been able to play soccer with the family.
(In the background Elder Ramirez-"Hello Family Horlacher" Trevor corrects him and says, "Horlacher Family" Elder Ramirez - "Horlacher Family-Sorry I am stupid, I'm learning English" haha)
On Tuesday we were trying to do a pyramid as 4 of us, but it's kind of hard when we don't have someone to take the picture so we put it on self timer that was hard but all was well. I hope you liked those photos.
(In the background "THE BEST TWO YEARS" music playing and Elder Ramirez singing, Trevor laughing).We also ate nachos and I ate one of the best hamburgers I've ever eaten 
at a members house, Hermano Osoona very good guy that gives us cheap prices for food.
On Wednesday we had Inter cambios with Elder Cruz and we did SOME WORK!!
Contacted quite a bit of people and I sent you pictures of my backpack. I attached a waterbottle at the bottom so that my back doesn't get sweaty to put air in between. 
And during the lesson it was my first day with it, I put it on my lap and the bottle was in between my legs and the dad and the sons were all laughing at me and I was wondering why are they laughing is something wrong with my face? So I started watching their eyes and they all started looking in between my legs and the bottle was in between my legs and it looked very bad.  That's all I'm going to say, it almost ruined the lesson. It took an hour to get started with the lesson again.

I think the highlight of the week was when we got a reference from Elder Cruz and Elder Salazar and we went to go contact them at their house and it was a family and we taught them the first lesson and we felt like they were prepared "CHOSEN". It's pretty cool. Pretty cool family, 
it was probably one of the best lesson I taught, it went GREAT!!!  And in the end they gave us cookies, that made it even better.

Thursday we taught 5 other lessons (Investigator lessons) That was such a great day!!!
On that day we didn't have time to plan that day so we didn't plan and that ended up being one of our best days. So we figured if we don't plan we have better days so we are going with that, we aren't planning anymore. (Just kidding Mom)

Friday-NOTHING happened, absolutely NOTHING - we walked and walked and walked.
Nobody was home or weren't able to listen to use until 7:00pm with absolutely nothing then we went to Hermano Davalos and gave him a lesson and we ate. 

Saturday we gave tours and contacted Jehovah Witnesses, they are so funny they don't ever want to listen but they want to teach, not a good teacher.  Then we gave four lessons with Hermano Davalos and he has got to be the funniest old man that I know. He is 80yrs old and so active. He invited an investigator to church and he straight up told him that he wasn't taking NO for an answer, you are coming and that he would be there tomorrow to pick him up so be ready. 

So the next day we went to pick him up and he was sitting out in front of his house,
He said, " I'm not going to go, It's too much of a hassle for me", he has a sickness that only half of his body works, he only has feeling on the left side of his body and he has to go pee very often. 
Then they told him, "we have been teaching you for hours and you haven't had to go to the bathroom, so just come for an hour and we will bring you home and after this one hour you can do what you want."
So the man said, "OK I will go" 
I really think he liked it, He was happy and told us, "I want to see you tomorrow."
Also 2 investigators came to church, the best that I've seen in my area since I've been here.
Javier's family came to church and that was so good to see. This week has been GOOD!!!
Today we are going to go to the market and see if we can find some cheap Mexico Soccer Jerseys.
And I'm going to make oreo balls. 

I hope you all enjoy this, I'm standing in the road talking into this little thing and everyone is staring at me weird, but it's ok they don't understand what I'm saying!! I love you all!
Elder Horlacher

Trevor LOVES food, he said that this burritos reminded him of ALBERTOS!!

Trevor made a contraption to add to the back of his backpack to allow airflow between his back and backpack, because it's so hot. 
He shared a funny story, The first day with his contraption they went to an investigators house and he had his backpack on his lap and totally forgot about his contraption. While holding it on his lap the family was laughing. Trevor was thinking, "What's on my face?" then he followed their eyes to his lap to the waterbottle. He said that they were not thinking good thoughts and it took a while to start the lesson. 

Elder Horlacher & Elder Ramirez with Hermano Davalos

 These Elder's love that Trevor is so strong and big.
Here he is carrying Elder Salazar with Elder Cruz
 Trevor has transfers coming up, so he is trying to take in ALL of Esperanza, just in case
he gets transfered

 He said that these were the scariest stairs that he has ever used.
 Elder Horlacher cutting Elder Cruz's hair after doing his own.
 The finished job of haircuts

 Working out with Elder Ramirez and Elder Salazar
 Trevor has come to LOVE to cook, so he said that he looks forward to breakfast & Dinner
everyday to cook something new. He asked Cambria to send him the Oreo Balls recipe.
Well here are his Oreo Balls in his refrigerator.
 I think his face is like that because he doesn't usually wear long sleeve shirts or a suit.
He's getting ready for Zone Conference.
 Trevor bought himself a green mexico soccer jersey.
The Red one was from Angel before he left on his mission.

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