Monday, February 16, 2015

Week 17-Esperanza - Elder Ramirez~(Transfer) Elder Salazar

Love!!!! I love you all and want you all to know that!! Happy Late Valentines!!

Well, last Monday we went to the flee market and wow its sick!! I bought a green mexico jersey!!! Yep, I'm pretty happy about that buy, because I don't know I just like jerseys now!! Then on Tuesday, we went to Obregon for zone conference, and it was good. I got to see Elder Riech and Elder Wahlstrom again, and they are the ones I took the picture with! Then we went to a teaching appointment with Jose. We asked if we could start with an opening hymn, and of coarse he said, "yes", so we picked the song "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet" so we started singing and right after we finished the first line, the first sentence, he LIFTED HALF OF HIS BODY,  then farted.... and wow it was really loud and haha I couldn't sing after that!!! I tried but I would just ruin the song, so my companion sang all four verses solo, while I was just crying in laughter haha soo bad!! haha dang I couldn't believe that happened. :) but Wednesday, we taught Javier about the Law of Chasity.... haha we taught a 9 year old about the Law of Chasity! Crazy!! We started out explaining about how every person has a box where they can't touch or let others touch, and they just kind of laughed awkwardly haha but in the end we thought that we had taught everything, and my companion said, "is that all?" and I said, "I think so", then I thought, "NO".... and then the point of pornography popped into my head and I said, "no.... we still need to teach about this~Pornography!!" and so we did and when we said that it is really bad, the cousin said to the other boy "I told you that that is bad!!" I was just shocked, that a nine year old had already been introduced to porn.... and how the Holy Ghost is really there helping us teach and puts the thoughts into our head what we need to teach because Heavenly Father knows us and what we need personally!! 

Thursday, we taught the family of gold :) and wow they have a lot of contention in their home. The dad is a drunk, the mom is a planchador, the son I don't know.... the mom just planched all of her family right in front of us, and I felt so bad.  The contention in the room was sooo strong, I was just thinking, wow~ Satan really does find joy in destroying families... but by the end of the lesson, the mom had to leave the room because she was crying, but she said, "oh something is in my eye" I was thinking, "uh huh sure ;)!" In the beginning she said that she likes our church but she knows that its not her time to change religions... and by the end she said, "yes it's my time!" haha. So we invited her and her family to church! And they said, "yes" but the dad, he didn't want to go...

Friday we went to Hornos!! Hornos is a little town (size of Glendale, UT) about a 30 minute bus ride that is in our area! and wow it is sooo sick, cool, sweet, suave, padre, cual quiere. But we found some cool spots, and found some investigators!!! Then when we returned we taught Marco y Conception, my 3rd grandparents :) and that went really good, but Marco is sick with Diabetes... so that's hard for him, he is 80 years old... and his wife is 84! 

Saturday it rained during the night so it was feeling like California or Hawaii!! It was soooooo nice but the people here in Sonora think that it's cold at a 60-70 degree range... so we made hot chocolate for tours, haha and guess what the sun came out and it was hot again, so we were giving hot chocolate to people in the HOT... haha. And also we went to teach Jose again and to invite him to church, and when we were teaching about the commandment of keeping the Sabbath day holy, in the end we asked if he would come and he said, "NO"... and we asked, "why not?", and he just said, "I don't feel good", so I asked how he felt during church, and he said, "I felt good, peace, calm".. so I said, "why don't you want to feel that way again? why would you not want to do something that makes you feel like that again? why?"
 (my first planch in the mission:) and he didn't respond... but in the end I asked him, "Do you want to go to church?" and he just said, "it's that I don't feel good".... so i just said "ooo ok so you don't"... and that was that, and I made him a promise, "that if he wanted to come to church in the 
next Sunday that God would bless him and open the doors for him to be able to come!" so that was a lesson I wont forget..
Sunday, Javier came to church with his family!!! It was soo cool to see him with his family all singing together, smiling, feeling the spirit!! Ya that was an awesome thing to see!! Then we received our cambios or transfers!!! and it turns out I'm staying in Esperanza for another 6 weeks!! I guess my work here isn't done :) my new comp. is Elder Salazar from my district, he just moved upstairs into my house haha he lived underneath us...Elder Ramirez is now a zone leader in Obregon! how cool!!

Well I love you all thanks for everything!! les amo muchismo :)

Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher with Elder Riech and Elder Wahlstrom
 Javier and his cousins with the missionaries
 Trevor showing off his wheelchair skills.
The lady was cracking up because she had never seen this done.


 Trevor has a great friend, "Robert Schwenke" and this is his stance "The Schwenke"

 Don't Touch the water!!!!

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