Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mission Week 2 in the MTC

Hi mom. I just want to say that this MTC experience is going a lot better now. haha :) the days aren't as long but its really good here. I love the feeling i get to wake up to and feel throughout the day! but the devotionals are amazing!! the last one on sunday was all about the plan of salvation, and how in the spirit paradise and prison there is a gulf that seperates them but with jesus's atonement he made a bridge to make it across to teach the people in spirit prison. it just was awesome thinking about that grandpa, kj and everybody that is there is doing missionary work over there! and i was thinking about how grandma always says that our ancestors are just waiting for us to do there work... and i believe it with all my heart! soo please do all the temple work you can! i can feel grandpa with me when im in teaching my investigators! its amazing! i love teaching our teachers that pretend to be investigators.. hah but actually last night was the first time we went in without a script... it went so good! the spirit was so strong! it testified to her that what we were saying is true.. but we do need to improve on setting the next appointments and getting there name haha its the small things:) but its amzing here!
 So today, we went to the temple and then came back to the west campus. and i saw elder ah quin.... and he was going to gym time so he invited me and elder walker to come play soccer with his district. it was so fun! there was so many elders, like 40 of them playing soccer haha but me jaden, and elder walker kicked butt! we womped haha  and today i got my hair cut! i was alittle timid to get it cut but they did a good job i think:) and i think i have shin splints from going to hard in volleyball and soccer and basketball! haha but it could just be the 13 pounds ive put on:) but i also dont think its fat.... or i hope not:) im trying to make it muscle haha 

 Ok mom heres your answers to your questions:
1. yes ive seen jaden haha
2. no i dont know where tate is. i dont think he's here
3.i absolutly loved my care package! :) 
4.language is coming.. not as fast as i would like but still good.
5. favorite thing in the mtc is.... my comp./ my district/pdays/some of the food/my teachers/ all the elders singing at devotionals/ gym time/ teaching investigators... i have alot to like :)
6. my comps name is linda walker. i think she is on it?
7. i heard the byu game going on.... :( sad night, i was home sick to make it worse... haha but its all good now
8. i get to go over to the main campus every sunday and tuesday kinda cool, but ill be moving over there on the 8th of october, there shutting down the west campus.
9. im good with the white shirts i have now.. but i could use some more athletic shorts..
10. i dont share my room with any other missionaries. we get our own room and bathroom:) west campus is the best!! but i will at the main campus.

so thats about it.. i just want you all to know i love you and miss you soo much! i pray for you all everyday. im doing good here so dont worry to much. the lord is watching over us missionarys:) 
I love you mom, hope your doing good at home with out your little;) boy there. i miss you. 
Love, Elder Horlacher
 Elder Horlacher and his district after the temple
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Harrison Labrum
 Elder Horlacher said that he loves Elder Pasegrau he's a champ:) 
He loves Elder Horlacher and is the only one that he respects!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder Tom Jensen before he left the MTC
 Elder Horlacher's view from his building.
He said that when he heard the game going on he got a tear in his eye, because he wants to play so bad!!!
 Elder Horlacher and Elder AhQuin together again!!!
 Elder Horlacher said that they found this spider in their room and he screamed like a girl.
 He said, Mom I'm filling out my pants!!!
My cute Missionary after his haircut!!!
I miss this boy but so glad that he is having an incredible experience and LOVING every minute of it!!

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