Monday, June 1, 2015

Week 32 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Miranda

So, This week we really tried our best, we went and visited with a lot of less actives. We had a lot of members come with us to the lessons. 

The highlights of this week has been: 
We got to go to Obregon for a Multi-zone conference. We spent all day there, practicing the lessons and all of our missionary stuff. I got to see my old companion Elder Ramirez! All went good but I'm still struggling with being a little shy when we do practices with people or other missionaries... haha sad, but its true. We got back from Obregon at 11 in the night! crazy!! but we bought Little Caesars pizza so we were happy campers! 

We have a few problems with our investigators, one has a pride problem, other has a drinking problem, and other has a problem with going to church... But we have one investigator her name is Gaby (REMEMBER: she was the one that I was standing on curb waiting for before we had to go inside and she walked up with her baby). She is really cool, she wants to come to church, and wants to know more! She has her baptism date on the 27th of June!! 

This week the heat has come, strong!!! Dang , I was in inter cambios (transfers with the zone leader) with Elder Mendez in Navajoa, and it was sooo HOT! We were practically dying... haha but all went good with him!

The story I think is pretty funny now but not at the moment is... after we got done washing our clothes we headed home in a hurry, and my bike only has brakes on one side and my hand was occupied with my clothes.... so I thought use your foot in the front wheel... so I did, and BOOM my foot went all the way in THE WHEEL and I fell!!! I fell pretty hard on my knee... and there were 2 guys sitting watching me just laughing! Which made me embarrassed and mad.. haha but ya that is that. 

MY MIRACLE OF THE WEEK is we contacted a house, and the lady that we contacted use to live in Utah and assisted the church and the Visitors Center in Salt Lake! She had the coolest story about the visitors center. While she was sharing it the spirit was so strong for me, it really opened my eyes of how God puts people in our paths and leads us to them! She hasn't been baptized. But I am excited to possibly share more lessons with her and baptize her. It's a small world.

Love you all,
Elder Horlacher
 Multi-zone conference: He loves Elder Walker-his very first companion in the MTC.
 He bought himself a hat because he has been getting fried from the sun.
 Trevor said that he was ready for the day and bent over and split his pants.

 They had a fire drill and teaching how to use the fire extinguisher on Sunday.

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