Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 31 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Miranda

Hello A Todos!!

Well this week I Learned a few lessons.......

So this week we really focused on visiting the less actives in the ward, and with basically all the members in the branch, to invite them to the family home evening as a branch in the church building. It went REALLY good, we visited with almost everyone! But when it came to the FHE, the people that came were the President and his wife and her sister... and a few teenagers, only because seminary just got out... the total of people were about 12... and half was our investigators. Bulmaro and his family came which was good, they really enjoyed it and had a great time! 

We went and visited Jose the 80 year old and talked to him about baptism, and it is something that in the lessons before he told us, "NO, I'm not going to get baptized in water, I might die"... he was terrified and got really mad.. haha he wanted to be baptized in another way... but this time when we were talking to him, we explained that its something that is necessary! something we have to do in the right way! The same way Jesus showed us! and he understood and agreed to be baptised! but he still needs to come to chruch 3 more times!

This Friday well....... this Friday I learned not to leave my scripture bag in a room where the outside door is open...I started using my scripture bag to carry all my stuff because, dang it all fits!! But this Friday, I left it on a table when we went to eat in another room and when we were going to leave, I was looking everywhere, but it wasn't anywhere to be found.... MY SCRIPTURE bag got stolen!!! all the stuff that was in it includes: my BoM, Bible, my 2 hymn books, pamphlets, and MY CAMERA...  we spent the next 3 hours looking everywhere for the the robber! but we couldn't find anyone!! My heart was broken, I'm sorry mom I didn't know how to break this news to you. I was trying to be real responsible and not let anything like this happen because I know how much things cost and to replace them is more money. I'm so sorry, and that is that... but what I learned from this experience is 2 things, to ALWAYS have my bag in sight, and to be able to FORGIVE people I don't know.  Hopefully they read the scriptures. I have learned to forgive my self for the stupidity, and to forgive this person that has stolen almost EVERYTHING that I do from day to day life as a missionary. I feel clueless, I feel lost..but all is well...Sorry again Mom! I'm NOT in UTAH anymore!!!

I just want to say to all of you BE SMART (smarter than I was.) and to ALWAYS FORGIVE! Forgiveness is Love, Be like a little child again!! Do as the scriptures say! :)
Elder Horlacher

 Elder Horlacher and Elder Miranda

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