Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Week 30 - Etchojoa ~ Elder Miranda

Hola y buena semana!!

This week we had a lot of visits to do! no joke... we visited with every less active and every member this week, because I had to introduce my new companion Elder Miranda, and a marriage couple of missionaries (Elder y Hermana Becerra). We went around and did our visits in a little smart car... haha it was so funny to watch people watch us get out of the car! Two big missionary's getting out of the smallest car possible haha.. 

But this week, I had an experience of how dedicated I was to the mission.. so this is my miracle of the week.. we were going to all of our appointments in the night.. but like normal, nobody is home, haha so we went to contact the small amount of people in the streets.. and haha what do you know, there was nobody.. like no body. The streets were dead and it was 8:55pm and we were already outside of our house, and if we aren't in a lesson and its 9:00pm we should return to the house. So there was the temptation, that its almost times up and there is nobody out here. When my companion asked me, "well there's nobody out here, lets go back to the house." And I just thought, "wait, give me a card"... soo we stood on the corner in the dark when out of nowhere a girl carrying her baby walked up, I hurried and contacted her and she is really cool, she is learning English, and was really interested in what the card said. We put a day on the card to go to her house and teach her. Her name is Gaby. We went and taught her the first lesson. She had lots of questions about every lesson that we had to teach. haha so we only taught the first lesson. The next lesson we taught about the Restoration of the church and gave her a Book of Mormon, and challenged her to baptism, she accepted and her date is on the 20th of June. She came to Church The next day so her Date still Stands!! She came with her husband, And he is a Hippie haha but he has a big knowledge of the Savior! and I think he likes the church! All is going good here in the mission.

All of our other investigators didn't come to church so... we will see what happens.. but I know that we need to be strictly obedient, we keep the commandments in everything that we do. haha one saying my last companion said a lot was "Is it worth your eternity?" so really is it worth it? Do all we can while we are here! (me specially in these two years i have!!) 


Elder Horlacher

but Hey Dad, the Battle is just this, that IT IS A BATTLE mentally, spiritually, and physically. This is one of the hardest things I have ever done. But it is one of the most beneficial things I  have ever done, I have learned so much about me, about others , and most of all I have learned so much more about the Savior! I have learned to trust in him more and more. It's something I want for you guys, for my family! I love you guys so much! I hope you guys truly know that! I am so happy that you are going to start reading the Book Of Mormon as a family! You'll truly be blessed more in your daily life, you will feel the spirit more in your day! It's amazing what that book can do for us! i will keep the pictures coming haha don't you worry! haha but same goes for you guys! 
Love you so much dad! thanks for writing me!
 District President Ticona with Elders Miranda and Horlacher on Sunday

 He said that these were Campaign stuff that they gave the missionaries

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