Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 40 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

So this week we started it off really good!! haah my district leader gave us pancakes with bananas and juice and oreos!! haha we we arrived with food for our study!! then after the district meeting the missionary couple cooked hamburgers and spagetti!! it was probably the best district meeting ive had my whole mission!! it was awesome!!!

Then later in the week i had intercambios and i went with elder Wahlstrom! it was awesome! we were in his area in Huatabampo. we had some pretty cool experiences, like we were walking down the street, when a little kid said hi and then asked what our names were. we went to contact them, elder wahlstrom went and talked with the kids when i went and talked the the grandma, she was telling me about her life and how she has been lonely and sick all her life. all she has is her daughter and her 2 grandchildern. she is just waiting to die now... so when i could i shared the plan of salvation, and how we can live with our families for eternity!! it was so powerful!! then her gran kid started swearing at me so i had to distract him, so i played with him, while elder wahlstrom explained more! it was awesome how we found her! then when we returned from the inter cambios, my comp locked the keys in the house, so elder wahlstrom and me went around back to see if we could open it, we couldnt it when he said to me do you want to say a prayer! and i said yes good idea! so we started praying when the other elders were able to open the front door, and when we said "amen" our door opened! it was like WOW!! haha 

and funny story, i always like to jump my bike, go off curbs and stuff... then one time i went off a 1 foot and a half curb. and i thought nothing after but then on our way to Las Guayabas my tire basically just started hitting the side!! it turns out my barrening in my back tire broke and disappeared. so on the way and on the way back my tire was rubbing and it was so hard to pedal!! haha and now we walk everywhere again!! haha

Elder horlacher

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