Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 41 ~ Transferred to -Ciudad Obregon from Etchajoa ~ Elder Caravello (Transferred) Elder Juarez

This past week was one of the most complicated weeks I have had my whole mission. So I'm just going to explain why.... to start of we went to Las Guayabas but I didn't have my bike because its broken, so a member let me use his, and on the way there something happened to the front wheel and it wouldn't spin anymore... so I had to walk to Las Guayabas carrying the bike.... then Javier in Las Guayabas let me use one of his front wheels to get back, and on the way it went flat.... so that was straight up a hard day!! 

Then we found a new house to move into in Etchojoa, but we didn't talk with our land lord that we were looking to move. So when we finally told him, he got really mad... because we had a year contract with him which we didn't know... but then he finally told us if we wanted to leave then we would have to do it before August started, and it was the 30th of July!! so we had a day to pay the rent and deposit for the other house, pack, move, and find help, and clean the baptismal font all in the same day!!! But I can say now that we did it!! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! haha the new house was awesome big, high ceilings like 15 feet tall, kitchen, tables, a lot of room!  

And to  make the week better I got to baptize Hernan!!  I baptized him 3 times because the water was only to my knees haha so that made things a little complicated... but the last time we just had him sit down so he would be able to go under all the way, while I knelt in the water! It was a cool different experience! Then after Hernan gave his testimony of how he felt the spirit and how he wants his dad to be baptized also! So he can feel how he did, and when he said that it was like Boom there's the spirit!! haha but really! 

Then later I got the news that I'm going to be transferred. and now I'm in my new area "Valles" its in Obregon. With my new companion Elder Juarez, he is new, he only has a transfer so I'm going to finish training him! So that makes me a step dad now!! haha in mission terms! but I'm really excited to be in obregon even tho its going to be a lot hotter here! but theres Wal mart here!! wahoo!! 

Well love you all! be safe and be a servant in the vineyard of the Lord always!!

Elder Horlacher

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