Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Week 43 - Ciudad Obregon - Elder Juarez

So this week was a hot one here in Cajeme, Obregon! like i literally felt like i was melting, then i realized it was just sweat.... i sweat so much here, it because its really humid. haha but this week we had a great week. Me and my companion, are getting along great and we are finding alot of new people! like this week we had 4 people come to church this week, their names are Rodolfo, Alunzo, juanita, and Jorge. And out of the 4 we know that 2 want to be baptized. which is awsome, we were so stoked when they told us that! we are really inviting every person we teach to be baptized and looking back at the start of my mission i was so scared to invite people to do things, like be baptized, come to church, and pray, but now its just something that i do without thought haha its awesome not being as shy as i was in the start of my mission or before.. haha  So funny story this week is me and my companion were practicing contacting in the street, when he said i cant contact you... i already know you! so i said wait a second.. then i drew a face with a mustache and cut out eye holes and a mouth.. then put on my sunglasses and said Now contact me! he looked at me like what the heck... the said are you serious?? haha we practiced for 40 minutes like that! haha it is so funny looking at the pictures i took! haha good times.  me and my comp. are starting to run in the morning and do exercise to get rid of the chub i got going... haha and to get back some muscle.. because some members are telling me that the elder that was here told them that a big elder was going to come, then they look at me and say i was thinking of a bigger stronger looking elder... im just like dang... the mish! throws some bows... but im going to show them!!! haha im going to get it back!!!  We are doing great here! I really am loving the mission right now!! it has been so awesome here in this area training! I love all of you and thank you for praying or helping me any way or form! Love and appreciate everything!  Elder Horlacher

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