Monday, August 31, 2015

Week 45~Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

So this week was really good and crazy with ups and downs! We have been teaching Rodolfo and he has been needing to change houses to be baptized.  So we have been helping him look for so long for a house for him to move into. We went to his house to say a prayer and in the prayer we asked that we could find a way that Rodolfo could be baptized without finding a house and the next day we went to our district meeting and someone told us that we should call President and ask him what we should do. So we did. We called and president told us that if he has nothing to do with the girl that he had been with anymore than he can be baptized!! So we got everything all set up and got the interview ready for his baptism. When we went to have his interview with the zone leaders he wasn't there, so we waited 40 min., then he showed up!! In the interview, he didn't understand a question and answered it wrong because he didn't understand, so he didn't get passed. Then the next day we went to visit him and see how he's doing, then we started talking with him and he told us everything that he thought was bad. We explained everything. Then  we told the zone leaders, the next day the zone leaders called and told us that he could be baptized if he knows and has the desire of baptism! So we went to visit with him before church started at 9 in the morning and he said to us, ya OK I would love to be baptized!!! haha so we went to church and had the baptismal service during the last hour of church!! He was so happy and like a little kid!! haha it was so awesome, it was my companions first baptism in his mission! 

We are also working with a 30 year old man Jorge, he has epilepsy? and has a lot of problems with his mom, and health... but he loves the gospel and the church. He is really sensitive to the spirit, and is a great guy, he is one of my good friends here in the mission. He always would say I want a Hawaiian as a girlfriend, and after I told him, I'm Hawaiian, now he doesn't stop joking about us being cousins.... haha he's a great guy!!  

All is well here in Mexico, really hot and a lot of sweat... Funny story, I wore my tan pants and boom.... I had a sweaty butt, and you could see the mark from my under  pants... haha that was really awkward... I learned to wait for it to cool down... haha 

Well love ya'll!! 

Elder Horlacher

Here we are cleaning shrimp and preparing it to eat!!

Crazy hair in WalMart , Mexico colors

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