Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 42 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

Buen Dia!! 

Soooo This week has been a flood of fun!! haha 
It rained everyday of the week pretty much, but it only rained like 30 minutes each day! haha But the streets were flooded and so we had to walk through it, so I got to take off my shoes and walk barefoot through the water!!! WOW, it reminded me so much of my childhood! and with the rain the power went out. So with the power out everybody came out of their houses and sat outside, so we took advantage and contacted a lot of families. When we did that we found a teenager girl named Karla, she is 16 and let us come and teach her about the gospel. Then we invited her to be baptized and she said yes, then to go to church and she said she would go. So we passed by on Sunday and she was all ready to go!!! I was like dang! that rarely happens here, that they are ready to go by themselves! So she came and on the way there she said or asked me if she could only stay for 2 hours so I said ya ok that's alright but next time you need to stay for all of the meetings, she agreed. When we got there, she found some friends and stayed the whole time!! it was awesome, she really enjoyed church and felt the peace that there is there.

We have been doing a lot of work here, spreading the knowledge of the restored church here on earth again, through contacting! We have been contacting with a lot of people including some people that really like to contend with the scriptures.... and let me tell you all, there is no spirit when we contend with the scriptures. it isnt the way the lord would teach. And I will not do that again... haha but we also are going to have a baptism on Sunday, his name is Rodolfo, and he asked if I would baptize him. So I'm pretty excited for that! so everyone be safe and read the Book of Mormon! haha read read read! it really will help with your problems that you have! love you all!

Elder Horlacher

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