Monday, September 7, 2015

Week 46 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

Hello everyone, 
I have officially completed a year.... and I DO NOT feel like I have been out here for a year, it blows my mind how clearly I can remember when I was dropped off at the MTC, it feels like yesterday!! It's just like Grandpa used to say, "that life goes by with a blink of an eye"..... its so true. We need to enjoy every moment that we live, we need to live in a way that we can please our Heavenly Father everyday!! 

Here are the pictures of the traditional "Burning of the Shirt"
to Celebrate a missionaries YEAR - HALFWAY Mark!!!

 I also celebrated with CRAZY Mexico Colored hair in WalMart

This week has been a good one, we have been visiting and teaching with Jorge and he really Loves the Gospel and is hungry to know more, in fact Sunday he asked me if he could share his testimony of what he knows! and he did!!! haha 
It was soo awesome, I have only had one other investigator do that and that was Lourdes! so cool! He is going to be baptized on September 27th (Grandpa's birthday)
We also found a little 10 year old girl that goes to church every week but isn't baptized, she wants to be baptized and her family are members, so we are going to teach this little girl so she can have one of the greatest blessings ever from our heavenly father, The gift of the holy ghost!

I Fasted this week and in my fast I asked for some help and support.  And I can honestly say, that there is power and hidden blessings in the Fast! I received some of the most peaceful and supportive feelings I've felt my whole mission. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and wants to help us in all that we do, but we need to be willing to put in our efforts to receive all the help that God has for us.(D&C 82:10) I love this work and My savior Jesus Chirst so much for what he has done for me, and that I can be forgiven for all of my faults I have, and not only that but that he is more then willing to give me a hug when I stand in need. 

I love Everyone of you and what you've all done for me!! Thanks and my God be with you in everything that you do!! 

Elder Horlacher

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