Monday, September 21, 2015

Week 48 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

So it finally rained this week!!! Saturday night and Sunday it rained a lot!! and I love the rain!! It makes it cooler and a lot more manageable to walk and be outside, but the work is a lot harder because the people don't want 2 young men that are sopping wet coming into their houses... so we go and visit with the members! But I absolutely love the rain!! This week we had intercambios with the Zone Leaders and I got to be with Elder Flores, which he's a cool guy, he can speak English, and we had some good lessons. One of those lessons was with Karla, our 16 year old investigator, and one of her friends asked us, "if we can marry with someone that's NOT of the same religion", we told her that, "Yes we can" and she replied looking at my comp... "YES, I still have a chance!!" (Reminded me of Dumb and Dumber) haha it got kinda awkward for us after that moment but what can you do...

We had Mexican Independence Day. It was full of celebration. This was what I wore to the festivities!!! Really this was at a member's house that the kids wanted me to put the mask on, so I had to snap some pictures. 

This week we also helped a little girl meet one of her goals and dreams... which was to be baptized in the true church. Her dad baptized her, and when she got baptized she said really loud, "Finally I'm baptized!!" haha this little girl is such a character. But she loves the church!! I mean, I have learned a lot from her, like her willingness to give to the Lord, she asked me if she can pay tithing if she doesn't work, if she can give what she has which is 10 pesos (75 cents). She is a huge example to me!
 Alondra and her father
with me and Elder Juarez

The highlight of my week was when I spoke in Church on Sunday on the Restoration of the Church through Joseph Smith and how it all happened. Like after the first vision Joseph Smith didn't receive any showing or sign, but had a ton of persecution, a test of faith! Then after 3 years Moroni appeared! This whole Restoration of the Church is such an amazing story to me and when sharing it, it's amazing the spirit that is present when we share it. IT'S TRUE and when we share it the people feel it. I love studying everything about the Restoration. 

We have also found another investigator named Oscar, he is very, very interested in the Church. He has a lot of questions that are really good questions. Today we took time out of our p-day to teach him, but it was totally worth it! He is really excited and is willing to study and search for his answer! I am just learning so much in this work! I am learning who I need to be to represent Our lord! Which is a huge responsibility, and he relies on 18 year old boys to fill those shoes... How is it possible?  That he does such an important, perfect work with young boys that are so imperfect... Its amazing! I love The Lord my God for everything he has done for me!! I love all of you and hope all is going great for you all in your lives!! 

I love you all,
Elder Horlacher

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