Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 49 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

Hellos to all

This week was very, very special, I got to see one of "my friends" be baptized, Jorge got baptized on Sunday, and let me tell you that it was an amazing spiritual experience. Jorge asked us, if the Bishop could baptize him, so we set it up. 

After the Bishop baptized Jorge, Jorge wanted to bare his testimony.   Me and my comp. didn't expect much, but it was one of the most eye opening testimonies that I've ever heard in a long time! This is mas o menos what he said...

'' (in tears) I just want to thank everyone of you for allowing me to be here, but more I want to thank my God for opening my eyes and mind! About 2 months ago I would smoke about 2 packs of cigarettes every day, when I was smoking and drinking in the night I would always see Elder Juarez and Elder Horlacher go into their house very tired (there's a store in front of our house where he would sit) and I would think wow, something is different about them... Then one night I had a dream about these 2 elders, I dream't that I was following them, and watching what they were doing, going from house to house with them. I felt like these 2 Elders are true friends of mine, so the night after I dream't that dream, I went and told them what I dream't, and they invited me to the church. And from that day on I haven't had the desire to smoke ever again! I know that this is the True Church! I want to help everybody I can in any way I can, if god calls me I will go! I will come to church every week because I know that it doesn't end after the baptism! NONE of this is lies, it's the TRUE CHURCH! In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.''

More or less that is what he shared! and it truly opened my eyes and all the member's there! I know that God has put me here in this area for a reason, and to learn something, and I feel that I needed to learn from the example of Jorge, because even tho his family doesn't support him in the things he does, he does it with a heart full of faith! He is truly one of my FRIENDS that I made that promise to find in the preexistence when we come to earth.
This letter was sent to my mom from Elder Wahlstrom's mom. It reminded her of my response to the lady that asked me WHY I was in Mexico if I couldn't talk to the people. During my early time in the mission field. It was perfect timing with Jorge's baptism.
But I feel like I FOUND MY FRIEND in Jorge.

We are also still working with Karla, so she can act on her testimony, act and be baptized! She already knows, and has a testimony in Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon and That the church is true! But is still afraid to be baptized!  Please keep her in your prayers, she is special young lady.
Love you all,
Elder Horlacher

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