Monday, October 5, 2015

Week 50 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

General Conference HOORAY!! 

This week was really hard in missionary work, but it was an awesome weekend because of General Conference!! We really didn't have any success this week, our investigators weren't there or just in the end, they didn't come to the conference. But we did go to the church and watched General Conference after we got the internet to work. And let me tell you, I learned a lot about the Plan of Salvation, and that we need to be examples for everybody.. and I really learned the importance that we have to repent daily!! We need to repent to arrive back with our Heavenly Father. We need to repent to have the spirit with us daily, we need to repent to have the light of Christ in our eyes. We just need to repent

I learned again and felt from the spirit that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God and God uses him to voice his word. As I sat and watched our Prophet speak to us and go weak, the spirit testified to me that HE IS OUR LIVING PROPHET and how much I love that man.  I learned that God has his servants here on earth to answer my prayers, even though they were talking in Utah, I felt like they were speaking to me, Elder Trevor Horlacher in Mexico!! I Know that we need to prepare ourselves for the trials that are going to be placed before us, and I know that Satan is going to use my weaknesses to discourage me and make me want to quit, but I have the Promise of the Lord that he will be in front of my face, and his Angels will be on my left and right to bare me up (all of you also have this promise)!! 

During conference it rained pretty hard during the afternoon session on Saturday, then when we went to eat and we finished we started walking back to the church for the Priesthood Session it started sprinkling, then the rain drops got huge and we still had 20 minutes to walk... so we decided to run!! haha and by the time we got there we were drenched in water, just imagine 2 guys in white shirts and ties running through huge puddles in the street, and with huge smiles on our faces!! haha that was me and my companion, it was so fun! But we didn't have very much fun in the session because the AC was really cold and when your drenched YOU FREEZE!!!... haha but all is well! I got warm from the spirit that I felt during the Priesthood Session.

I LOVE you all,
Elder Horlacher

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