Monday, October 26, 2015

Week 53 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez (TRANSFER DAY-Stayed the same)

Hi Family,
This week we received transfers..... and I'm staying here in Valles and staying with my same companion!! haha this will be our 3rd change together, which is going to be 4 months and a half! Thats crazy!! haha But we are doing good, we are HAPPY about it, we are getting to know one another very very good!! haha W e can pretty much communicate with out talking! haha 
Mom we made the recipe for Banana Bread. We didn't have a bread pan so we used what we had. It didn't change the taste, it was delicious.

This week we have been putting in a lot of time with Alonzo, Which has an addiction with drinking and drugs, so we are visiting with him everyday and we are seeing a huge change in his countenance!! Like really, he is waiting for us to come and he greets us smiling and with a glow almost! He is receiving strength to be able to say no to offers to drink and to drugs!! And this Sunday he told us that he was going to go to church by himself, and when it came to church, he didn't show up, which worried me, but next thing I know he showed up and sat down right next to me!! Smiling!! haha he is a great guy!! I'm so happy for him and seeing the gospel in his life. I KNOW that he see's how much his life is being affected by these little changes and he's feeling the gospel take affect. I love watching people's lives change because of the gospel. There is NO GREATER JOY!!!!

Saturday we had a talent show as a ward activity, and our convert Jorge wanted to sing! So he did!! haha It was so funny, but he did good! and we did a skit as missionaries. It was all fun stuff! We had a good week. I love ward activities and the joy that is there among the members when they are all together. 

 Here is Jorge singing and some of the members at the talent show.
 I love you all, have a great week!!!

Elder Horlacher

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