Monday, October 12, 2015

Week 51 - Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

Well this week we had a lot of problems with investigators and teaching, but what we did have this week was Family Home Evenings with families! And let me tell you that, FHE is one of the most powerful things that a family can do to strengthen Family relationships
We had a FHE with a Less active family that is experiencing  difficulties in their family. We started out normal with a hymn and a prayer, then we started with the spiritual thought and after me and my companion shared our thoughts, they all gave their testimony and shared their love for one an other, and it was something special. They started crying and the spirit was pretty powerful in that moment! It reminded me of our FHE's or Family councils, I got a little home sick haha, but all was well because we played some games which got the family laughing! Which also reminded me of you guys!! haha I just want you guys (my family) I love you all and miss you guys a lot! Thanks to you guys I am here on my mission and teaching people how to have a family like mine!
I LOVE when they open up and realize that their 
FAMILY IS EVERYTHING and the FAMILIES CAN BE TOGETHER FOREVER!!! It really makes being here in Mexico so worth it and I can't even tell you what it does for my heart!!!
We also had another FHE with the family Ruiz and that's when we got to make my favorite pie.... Chocolate Pie!!! but you know what they say, "you learn from your mistakes"... haha¨¨  it didn't turn out how I hoped but it was great! anyways.. haha Mom, I really appreciate all of the work that you put into the chocolate pie a lot more now... ours didn't turn out very well, the crust was soft and very thick. We just used a type of butter here because Crisco doesn't exist here in Mexico.  About the family Ruiz, they are both converts and the dad lived in Utah about 6 years ago. They are a really cool family. They remind me a lot of you guys... 

Elder Horlacher making the pudding while the crust is baking.
In the recipe I gave him every step of instructions so that he would know what
goes into making the homemade Chocolate Pie. So he is blending the dry ingredients.
So now he is making the pudding over the heat,
You are to stir NONE STOP for at least 15 minutes until it starts boiling,
then remove from the heat and add butter and vanilla & pour into your crust.
And here is his BIG smile that he has on his face EVERY TIME I
make this Chocolate Pie

Here they are digging in.
Obviously he didn't let it sit for 3 hours to let set.
He LOVES this family!!!!
 We went to Guaymas today to renew our visas, and it was a great time to spend time with my district from the MTC! I love spending time learning and visiting with all of them. As we were talking I noticed that all of them have leadership positions, but me. I got to thinking, what am I doing wrong? Am I NOT Leadership material? Then mom, you sent me your highlights of your lesson on Sunday and that was like an answer to my prayers.  I loved it, thanks mom! I really needed that, because almost everyone that came with me are leaders... but me haha no prob but I just need to be a better leader to my companion like you said and to the members in my ward! Thanks so much mom.
We bought 4 pizzas for 5 missionaries and bought DQ blizzards!! haha great times! Well that's pretty much all this week.. but love you all! Have a great week!
Elder Horlacher

Check out this cat for a GOOD LAUGH!!!!

 My son was pretty excited to find weights, it was 80- kilos which equals 176 lbs.
The bench was a couple of milk crates with a piece of wood and a towel.
 He did a rep of 15 and his companions were freaking out!!!

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