Monday, October 19, 2015

Week 52 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

HEY everyone!!

This week we had some cool experiences!! Like to start off, one day we were walking at the edge of our area, when we were contacting someone, and I saw a couple with a little girl in the distance. After we got done contacting the person we were contacting, I saw that the wife got in the bus and the husband started walking home.. When we almost passed the street he walked down, I said to my companion, "wait, lets go contact him!" So we went and talked to him, he let us in and we started talking. Then we said the first prayer and asked him if he says prayers. When he responded, "ya I say prayers everyday, and that's why you guys are here.... I asked God why he has left me abandoned! So he is answering my prayer and led you to me!!" I was jaw dropped really!!! like dang! That was a huge spiritual experience, because he accepted a baptismal date, and told us he will read and pray! his name is Ariel! Please pray for Ariel that he will continue to feel our Saviors Love through us. 

This week we have been working alot with Alonzo, he is a drug addicted, alcoholic, lil guy that is trying to change his life! So we are really trying our best with him to help him put the principles of the gospel in his life! And it so awesome to watch him progressing!! He came to church and really liked it, it was his second time coming to Church! 

Today we went to McDonalds and we met 4 Americans, They came down to Mexico to play Baseball! It was so crazy and funny talking with them, because its kinda hard for me to speak English right! haha and their accents were so funny! haha they were from down south! and chicago! haha  but the Big Macs aren't big.... they are tiny! They use to fill my hand. haha Please tell me that this is just in Mexico, not the states.

But I love the package I got!! thanks so much!! i love it all!!!! love you all!!!

Elder Horlacher

 This is Elder Horlacher in front of his house.

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