Monday, September 14, 2015

Week 47 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

This week has been a great week! We have been preparing the whole week for the rededication of The Mexico Temple. and it was awesome!! It was so powerful and awesome to know that there is one more temple doing work for the dead! And I know that the temples are a sacred place and it truly is the house of the lord. I can't go to the temple in these years but I strongly encourage everybody who is worthy and who is not worthy to get things back in order that you can partake of these blessing that you can receive in the temple, for instances A Eternal Family, Answers from your Heavenly Father and Strength! 

This week we have had the chance to teach Jorge more and more and he is willing to give up the traditions from before to follow Christ!! He really is putting in all his efforts to learn, I am learning a lot from him... haha Like one funny teaching story we had with him is: we were talking with some neighbors when one was not feeling good at all, and her husband asked us to do what we can to help her, so we offered a blessing. She accepted and so I anointed and then my companion started to give the blessing, and Jorge was watching helping us calm the lady down and all, when my companion started I felt another pair of hands on mine and they were Jorge´s hands....I just hurried and told him no... then after the blessing, I explained that we have the priesthood and that he can receive the priesthood after he is baptized! but haha dang... He wants to help and he just wanted to help with the blessing! I think that was cool, funny, and awkward all in the same moment. But it was a good moment.

This week we received Transfers and I am going to stay with Elder Juarez here in Valles another 6 weeks! Its going to be a great transfer! We are planning to have a baptism this Saturday! her name is Alondra! and the week after Jorge and the week after that, Karla!! We are hoping everything goes as planned!! I just want to thank you all foll send picts... hahar everything! love you so much!! Vive Mexico!!! Sept. 16 is the Independence Day here in Mexico, so a lot of parties!!!  I'll send picts... haha

This was the Mexican Indepence Day!!!
Celebration Party

Elder Horlacher

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