Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 38 ~Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

HOLA familia!! haha

So this week really wasn't our best week. last week we ate chinese food, and it didn't fall very well with my companions stomach haha he got some infection in his stomach and was in the bathroom every 30 minutes for 45 minutes at a time!! so really we didnt get alot of work done this week.. but funny story with his sickness is that at the begining of his sickness he didnt know that it was that bad, so we went to las guayabas and on the trail he went in his pants alittle!!! hahaha i was dying from laughter!! it was so funny, but we went to a members house because we were already 45 minutes from our house so he went to their bathroom ( a deep hole in the ground with blankets to hide you..) and cleaned him self... haha great times...

But today we went and visited with Gaby because we havent been able to teach her for a long time. and we taught her about baptism and she is really understanding now. I challenged her to read the book of mormon every day until our next appointment if she wants to recieve a answer, and she accepted smiling! she really is trying to be better, just her family is holding her back from coming to the church... Thats her biggest challenge to be baptised. But i know one day she will be able to be baptised.   so also with Javier his biggest challenge that we are working with is that he thinks that its not his time to be baptised... but we are trying to help him figure that out for himself.. 

This sunday was the confirmation of Javiercito, and it was so cool, this little boy has so much faith and will to be in the church! his mom and brothers were sick but he made his dad take him to the church to be confirmed!! cool cool thing to see a little kid take so much action! 

we also had interviews with President Munive this week also. all went great, but after we went for the hospital for my comp, and we were there all day long.. all day long i sat in a very uncomfortable folding plastic chair... haha but what im really learning in the mission is patience  in all things! its something very very valuable in life is what im learning now... haha  well thats it sorry not much happend this week... love you all!!

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