Monday, July 20, 2015

Week 39 ~ Etchojoa ~ Elder Caravello

This week was a good one! to start off i got to do Intercambios with Elder Walker my mtc companion! and it was awesome to catch up on old times!! haha we got a message from one of his investigators parents that was going to be baptized the next day that his dad wont let him anymore. so we went and talked to his dad. and it was a cool cool lesson. we went in just depending on the spirit, we started asking questions to see what he thought about things, and how was work, then boom we brought the message! haha he was really confused on why his son needs to be baptised again. so we asked questions to him so he could answer his question by himself! it was a really really cool lesson. he ended just telling us that he is going to think about it and talk to his wife. the next day we found his wife and she told us that the visit was perfect, she said that her husband said that he can be baptised but only that he just wants to pick the date, and that he wants to hear more from the missionarys!! awesome!

And other thing is that we are teaching Hernan Brother of Javiercito, and he is going to be baptised on sunday!! so we are preparing him for that and well ourselfs! haha he is really happy and trying to learn, which is awesome! he is alittle shy and nervous but he is a good guy! 

Also we had stake conference and the talks were awesome! one that i really liked was from President munive, he shared a story of a missionary that didnt do all the rules, he didnt wake up on time, didnt study, didnt go to bed on time, ect. and the whole mission knew it. so the president went and stayed with them and the missionary did everything right when the mish president was there, he woke up, studied, went to bed on time. then after the day was over the mission president asked the missionary "do you love the lord more then me?" and the missionary said "well yes!" then the mission president asked "do you fear god more then you fear me?" and the missionary responded "yes..." and then the mission pres. said " well then why do you do all the things right when im here, and not when im not, because God is always watching you, always seeing what your doing?" 
I just sat there thinking... this is so true, sometimes we only do the right because the leader is with us, or a parent, but God is always with us! always watching what we do! we need to remember that always, and have virtue when we arent with anyone!  Love you all! this really helped me so i wanted to share it! 

Elder Horlacher

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