Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Week 13 - Esperanza, Elder Ramirez


That is sooo crazy!! Cecilee has her wedding dress!! What the heck! I'm actually sad that I'm not going to be able there to witness it... or participate in it.. 

This week was a solid normal week, with some crazy Book of Mormon stories in it too!! Well, to start off we found & contacted A LOT of new investigators this week. We had a lot of lessons and mas o menos (more or less) success. But we taught Alfonzo on a Tuesday and it went good but he is really confused and doesn't have confidence that he can stop smoking... we offered to give him a blessing and he denied that, then we asked if we could say the closing prayer kneeling and he said that was too much for him.... so I am wondering what he is going to do or if he still wants to listen to us..  but we bore our testimonies on how we know that God his Heavenly Father can and will help him if he shows his faith and takes action!! But I don't know if he really took it to heart. 

We didn't really get to talk to Annie about what we gave her because she wasn't there or didn't have time, until a Friday. We went there and started talking and then they asked me if I liked football american and I said, "YES of coarse! I play it" and then I asked who was their favorite teams and haha Annie's reaction was so funny, she was all like "OOO my team is The Packers!! and his is the cowboys and we beat him haha!!" I was laughing so hard, then she invited me to come watch the game on Sunday of the Seahawks and the Packers!!  I had to explain that we have rules in the mission and things we sacrifice for the mission and part of that is TV :) but then we planned a soccer match against us 4 elders vs their family!! haha and there are tacos on the line. Losers have to buy tacos haha and that is happening next Monday, so I will tell you all about that next week! but also we didn't get to catch up on homework we gave her because we were teaching and showing Mormon messages to her husband. But ya she is excited about us elders and knows a lot about our church!! It amazes me haha.

A teenager that we are teaching came to church!!! His name is Joshua he is 12 and is really smart, he knows a lot of English!! He really likes the church and enjoys the time in the church and with the other kids. But the challenge with him are his parents.. they are really Catholic and right now have him on a really tight leash no joke! But he knows and wants to be baptized but is scared of his parents I think... (Please pray that his parents hearts will be softened towards the gospel)

Service this week we gave one of our old mattresses to an investigator that was sleeping on his chairs and really has nothing.. I was really humbled when I walked into his house.. its sad so me and my comp went and got our mattress and gave it to him!! haha we walked about a mile with the mattress on our heads! People were looking at me like I am a white person or gringo! haha but after that we felt good, warm and fuzzy no joke:) 

Well I love you all! and mom what you said about prayer is so true and awesome, I'm going to start saying a new prayer every time I pray to my Heavenly Father!! thanks I love you all so much!

Love, Elder Horlacher
 This cracks me up especially after he explained that they walked a mile carrying this mattress to one of his investigators that had nothing to sleep on.
 He gives "BED HEAD" a new meaning!!
We sent Trevor a package and he asked us to please send him a backpack because the shoulder bag was hurting his back. So here he is modeling his new backpack.
 He is pretty excited!! He is also modeling one of his new ties to match his tan pants.

 I sure love my boy and miss him like crazy!!

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