Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 11 - Esperanza-Elder Ramirez

(There were transfers today, Elder Horlacher was a little nervous that he would be transferred, but was so happy that he gets to spend another 6 weeks in Esperanza and with Elder Ramirez.)


So this week was for me was the Refiners fire, I think.. haha but really this week was so hard!! First off we had NO success!! After lunch on Tuesday we were feeling good, going to a progressing investigator (Alfonzo) but when we got there he came and looked at us and asked us if we gave or had left a little card with Jesus on it, with writing on it.. and of coarse we did. Then he asked if we drew a "smile face" on it.  My comp didn't remember, but I said, "ya, that was us".  Then he went into his house and got EVERYTHING we gave him, ALL the pamphlets and Book of Mormon, and said, "well I have had problems with "smile faces" with my ex-wife.... (he is divorced and struggles from that) and told us that he wanted NOTHING more to do with us and turned around and walked away. I was straight up dumb founded.. I couldn't speak or believe what just happened. But we continued with our day and tried to contact and go to all of our other planned teachings, but they all cancelled..  SO, I am not going to lie I WAS REALLY DEPRESSED and me and my companion thought about home and coming home (haha-whatever, like not really) but it was a thought-thanks to Satan & at how hard that day was.. but when I got back I talked with an elder in our district about my day and he simply said, "that Christ suffered the atonement ALL ALONE! The hardest thing ever thought possible! SO~~ WHY WOULD YOU THINK THAT THIS MISSION WOULD BE EASY? or go your way? People have their agency, and that is really hard to accept as missionaries, when we know this gospel is true and we know all the joy, happiness, peace, knowledge, comfort, and love, that THE HOLY GHOST brings into their lives, but they reject us and our message because of traditions of their parents, or they just don't want this right now, or there are so many different reasons why that Satan has come up with to put into their hearts.. its hard." It was so good to talk to him and have him help me put things back into perspective and not take things so personal. I love my mission and these other Elders that continue to teach me and help me be the best missionary.

But why I say it was a refiners fire this week is because I had my FIRST BAPTISM!!! and what can I say, it's not a Mexican baptism, if you don't have a problem... haha
So our problem was probably one of THE MOST IMPORTANT parts of baptism.. WATER!!!!
We started filling up the font and got about half way there when it just stopped.. so I asked an elder that has been there in Esperanza for a while if he knew what to do and he tried everything he knew but we couldn't figure it out and get it going again... (So everyday the members feed us lunch and we had an appointment, so we went to lunch and he didn't have lunch ready right then, so by the time we started eating it was 3 o'clock!! and by the time we finished it was 4!! and the baptism starts at 5!!! so we got the 1st counselor of the ward and he came and fixed it but by the time we fixed it, it was 5. and Lourdes was there... so we had to wait 2 hours to finish filling the font.. So we went and told Lourdes the problem and asked her what she wanted to do? Wait for the font to fill up for 2 hours or we could do it tomorrow?... and She said without hesitation, "yo esperare. I will wait!!" That was awesome she was ready!! So we waited and then I got to baptize her and what can I say, I was very nervous because that is a lot of responsibility and a big moment for Lourdes!! But all went well and the spirit was there!  That is something that I won't ever forget is baptizing Lourdes!! It's such an amazing feeling. Afterwards we sang the song, "I like to look for rainbows" in Spanish and English, me and a sister missionary sang the English parts! 
It was so good that Lourdes started applauding at us after we finished. hahaha.
(Yep, I sang can you believe that? That was my grandpa helping me.) 

On Sunday, we were sitting there with Lourdes listening to people bare their testimonies when Lourdes asked me if she could go and bear hers!! I was like "yes for sure!! want us to go first??" and she said yes yes so we went then she went! and she bore her testimony on how everyone NEEDS this gospel and how she KNOWS its true and all these different things!!  IT WAS SO AMAZING, to see her already a member missionary!!

So today we got new beds and when we were just about to come and write this email, we hear a familiar voice... it was Alfonzo. He wanted to have us come back and teach him again. He said he was sorry, and we explained what the "smile face" represented.. a missionary with his tie and plaque. And he told us what he thought it was... he thought it meant a smile face with his tongue out and flipping him off... 
i was like "WHAT???".... um.... were missionaries hahaha, but all is well with him again, another answer to my prayers!! Sometimes Heavenly Father puts us through the fire so we can receive the blessings and are prepared to receive them! i know this to be true!!

Love you all sorry this is really long..
Elder Horlacher
The Baptism of Lourdez.
Elder Horlacher and Elder Ramirez has been teaching her for a little over a month.
She has felt the spirit testify to her as soon as the Elders found her.

 She came to church on her own and also the First Presidency Christmas Devotional.
By the time they taught her the 3rd discussion she asked them,
"When do I get to get baptized?"
One of the evenings they had pizza!!!
This was definately not Little Ceaser's Pizza 

 Elder Horlacher calls these people his 3rd set of grandparents, Marco & Conception.
He loves this couple and they love the elders.
Everytime they stop by they leave with bottled water, fruit and food.
Trevor said that he really enjoys being around them.

 He had to send us a picture of this furry chicken.
He has never seen a chicken like this before.
He said it looked like the chicken blew dry his feathers.
 Trevor was telling me that there was a chance that he might be transferred on Monday.
Well I told him, please take some pictures of your city so that you have it for your book.
These are what he sent. 
 He said that he walks along these places EVERY SINGLE DAY!
The bridge over the canal. The canal that he skips rocks every time he passes the canal.
 A neighborhood
 Another Neighborhood
 Visiting another member, Brother Samuel
 Elder Horlacher with Elder Ramirez and
Brother Samuel and his dog with the Elders.
A Giant Christmas Tree in Esperanza
 "SELFIE" with the Mexico Flag
 Feliz Navidad
 He loves when he sees things that remind him of home, "HERBALIFE!"
 They got new mattresses on Monday, this was the OLD one being taken out.
 I think Trevor is a little excited about his new mattress!!!
 I wonder if he had a better sleep??
 His area in Esperanza

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