Monday, May 30, 2016

Week 85~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez TRANSFER DAY

Today was transfers, I am staying in Guamuchil with Elder Sanchez, but I was released from District Leader and Elder O'Driscoll was called. He is going to be a great District Leader.
This week we were really excited to start it off! We had a great start, we started very strong, having members come with us to visit our investigators and everything, but then something happened to our investigators, haha they disappeared (the joys of missionary work). But we were very happy that they came with us anyway. Well we have been teaching Elizabeth and Miriam for about 2 weeks now and we are already down to the last lesson because they read and study what we leave them, they have shown the true desire to know if it is true or not!  We have been teaching them the commandments and we talked about the word of wisdom, and the only problem they have is coffee, but they said, "ok that's going to be hard, I've been addicted since I was 10 years old but i will do it!!" They remind me a lot of the scripture in 1 nefi 3.7! It's so cool to see them progress in their testimonies! I am so proud of them each time and seeing their trust in us and their love of the Gospel growing. They weren't able to come to church this past Sunday, but they did all they could so that they could have come, but Satan didn't let them out of their work! But they always tell us, "God will make things possible for us to be able to go, I know he will!" They have been a great example for me in the Faith that they have. 

We have also been helping a less active come back to church, his name is Everardo. He has been kind of shy with coming to church because its been awhile, but we have been helping him, and we have been reading the Book of Mormon with him.  And after one time, we were explaining what we read, and he told us, "my desire to do the things correctly is growing, and I am going to go to church, EVERY WEEK!! and he kept his promise, he came to church alone and early (which is very hard here in Mexico, people arriving early). He is a champ! I love seeing these people grasp the Gospel and see it changing their lives. 

We have been playing Sports as a District every Monday, and its been pretty fun! Today we played soccer and rugby. And today our Bishop came to play with us and he knows how to play a lot of soccer! But he didn't know how to play Rugby. So I taught him how, and he started liking it, and right when he said, "this is fun", he fell on the cement and got roughed up... it was rough.. haha but he is alright now! 

I just want to say I know God prepares people for us to meet and teach! We just need to look for them through all the hardships that come. We need to preservier them and keep pushing forward, take it all, to be able to get to the Celestial glory! I Love this Gospel of Jesus Christ! I love that my testimony continues to grow through teaching these investigators. Each one teaches me something new. They think I'm in Mexico to teach them, but really I'm learning so much from them. I love all of you! Have a safe week!

Elder Horlacher
 District meeting before Transfers

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