Monday, May 16, 2016

Week 83~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Sanchez

This week was one of the coolest lessons learned. I learned to work hard until the end, it's something that I have always heard in sports, "play hard, 4th quarter is where it matters!" I am totally in the 4th quarter and I am digging deep. This week we had nothing going for us, we didn't have bikes, it was HOT, and we weren't finding anyone. I was a little frustrated with the week when my zone leaders well told me some words, then the next morning they called me again but they really helped me the second call, they gave me the hope to turn the week around, and we went out and worked! We worked and worked and worked hard. I saw a guy sitting down in his door way texting and we were talking with someone else when I felt like I need to go talk with him. So after we finished talking with this person, I went right over to him and asked him how he is and if we could share a message about Jesus Christ and he SMILED and accepted the invitation!! He invited his wife to listen to us and we learned that he has had some problems with unity in his marriage and that he wants to be closer to God. He has 3 children and one is 9, other 6, and other 3! They really loved the doctrine of  eternal family! That is one of the many things that I know to be true, and I bare my testimony to everyone that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored and thanks to that we can be together as FAMILIES FOREVER! That gives me such comfort knowing that I belong to a family that is eternal and that one day when I get married my family will be eternal. 

We had one investigator come to church, her name is Nadia, she is a girl from "the Family of Girls" we are teaching, she is progressing, but something is on her mind because she told us something when she was leaving the church on Sunday, like something happened or she had an experience! We have an appointment this Friday with her so we will see whats going on! 

Well I love you all!! Have a great week, til next Monday! que Dios les bediga!

Elder Horlacher
 I bent Elder Allen's bike, I have this issue here in Mexico,
I'm too big for these bikes.
Here is me and my companion at church.

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