Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 72 ~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Alverenga

Well I just want to start off this letter with a huge THANK YOU shout out to everyone who sent me a Happy Birthday wish.. haha I was sooo shocked when I opened my email on Monday. I always know that there would be a letter from my mom and sisters every Monday, but there were at least 60 something emails all for ME!!!! It made my day and put a huge smile on my face. This birthday of mine was one of the most simplest and non forgettable birthdays ever! Let me explain why haha to start off I have only a week here in my new area and NOBODY  knows me or when my birthday is haha so me and my comp went and bought a cake on Saturday. So Sunday I woke up and I forgot it was my birthday until..... I looked at the calendar haha my companion remembered after 3 hours of studies.. haha then we went and taught lessons and then went to church at 1:00. So not to forget that it's the first Sunday of the month (Fast Sunday)... so we ended the church services and I got to meet all the members. Then for food a member gave us like 2 day old spaghetti and beans to reheat. So we ate that in our house then ate cake too... Then we went to work... and my mission president called me and sang happy birthday... haha so I just want to thank all of you for wishing me a Happy Birthday it means a lot!

Well to tell you about my area, it is huge and we have bikes! My bike is actually kinda nice, its a beach cruiser and has brakes but I broke the brake off the handle bar... my area is really nice, the houses are huge!! like dang! they're big! but we have some investigators that are progressing a lot, one is Cristina, she loves the church and knows a lot, she wants to get baptized but she has a big challenge, she has been  living with a member for about 25 years now and they aren't married,they have a few kids together, (and here's the best part) the member is married with someone else from way back to 35 years ago!! So we need to help the member get divorced then married to Cristina so she can be baptized!haha but all is good! 

I really love Guamuchil, its really nice here, and I just want to share my testimony on how the Savior is always by our side if we ask him and choose the right. I was feeling a little bit down this week thinking about Valles (my last area-I was there 7 months) and the investigators there, and all the changes. When I started praying and from that moment to the rest of the week I have had such happiness and joy. I have felt the Holy Ghost stronger in my life.. I know that we also need to repent to be able to have the spirit with us and be able to receive the blessings that God has ready for us!! I love you all and we all have the need to repent!! So do it with a sincere heart. Love you all!

Elder Horlacher  
 Us at home celebrating Trevor's 20th Birthday with
homemade Chocolate Pie!!!

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