Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Elder Funes' letter to his family-


Imagine a man the size of Nick Heninger yelling this like a little girl! There's two elder horlachers in my mission, and they're both jacked! The Elder Horlacher in my zone is like 6'4 and like 220.... We had companion exchanges because he is one of the district leaders in my zone so he came to my area and it was a blast! We taught a ton of people! But when we got to the house, i don't know why but he got all spooked when i turned off the light to go to bed. So he began to talk to me and as i dozed of i realized he had asked me a question so i was like "what? we're you talking to me?" and he freaked out! "dude! turn on the light turn on the light!" "haha why elder?!" "turn in on man!" so i flipped it on just to see the giant mountain of a man huddled in a corner with his pillow! I about died from laughing! Then again when i flipped them off i got a cramp in my foot so i started like laughing and yelling and the guy about peed his pants! "Elder! What's happening?! TURN ON THE LIGHT TURN ON THE LIGHT!" Haha needless to say i died from laughing! He's an awesome missionary! 
This week, we found 16 new investigators. We challenged 15 of them to baptism and only missed one because she spent the whole time talking and we had a late appointment but she could be una escogida! I put my trust in the lord and all of them accepted. It was awesome!

As i expressed in my last letter i felt like i wasn't being the missionary i really should, but then i read an article in the Liahona. It changed all my perspectives. It talked about how sins and weaknesses are not the same and how we can use weakness to become better. 

For those of you who know me, know i like to work hard. I've always wanted to be the Hero. In whatever situation i just want to be the Hero. I always push myself to do my best but when i don't accomplish my goal or don't see the results i want i get discouraged. Lately, i feel like i've been taking my weaknesses as sins, and i have a TON! I felt like i was letting the Lord down because sometimes i get scared, sometimes i don't talk to everyone in the street, sometimes i don't have a very successful study, and sometimes my spanish doesn't come out like it should. I felt bad because i wasn't perfect. I came out swinging but the problem is that i was swinging the wrong way. I just wanted to be the best missionary, i didn't understand that to be able to become the best missionary (not compared to other missionaries, only in the sight of the Lord) you have to struggle, you have to have weaknesses because without them, we can never progress. 

As i thought about this a saying from my first companion and one of my best friends Elder Horlacher came to mind, There's never a perfect hero. The only perfect hero is the Lord. So i'll keep pushing, i'll put my part in so i can be the hero of my own story and one day i can be a hero in my own book. I'll do my best to make my Savior proud. 

Les amo,

Elder Funes

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