Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 74 ~ Guamuchil, Sinaloa ~ Elder Alverenga

So this week was a week full of random stuff... hhaah to start off we had intercambios with the zone leaders, I was with Elder Funes, he is from Utah and let me tell you guys I think he is the only elder that is bigger than me, here in the mission!! haha ;) But really this elder is buff!!He's huge haha, but we got along great! He is a good friend that I have here in the mission. But we also had to go do an interview for a guy that was planning on getting baptized, it was good, he had a strong desire to change and be and do better! Then we had a stake conference in Los Mochis! about 1 hour and half. So we didn't get a lot done this week. But we learned lot! We learned how we need to make every second count. I know that we are given every second to do something productive, and it just depends on us if we use it, like it says in the Book of Mormon, we need to use this time of test for the best, we cant waste it! If we do we will never enter in the kingdom of God! We all need to focus our lives on Christ to be able to progress every day! I love you all and I hope you all have seen the Easter video and have shared it! Help the missionaries and give them references! This is the time!! 

Elder Horlacher

This was a part of Elder Funes letter to his mom last week:
Imagine a man the size of Nick Heninger yelling this like a little girl! There's two Elder Horlacher's in my mission, and they're both jacked! The Elder Horlacher in my zone is like 6'4 and like 220.... We had companion exchanges because he is one of the district leaders in my zone so he came to my area and it was a blast! We taught a ton of people! But when we got to the house, i don't know why but he got all spooked when i turned off the light to go to bed. So he began to talk to me and as i dozed of i realized he had asked me a question so i was like "what? we're you talking to me?" and he freaked out! "dude! turn on the light turn on the light!" "haha why elder?!" "turn in on man!" so i flipped it on just to see the giant mountain of a man huddled in a corner with his pillow! I about died from laughing! Then again when i flipped them off i got a cramp in my foot so i started like laughing and yelling and the guy about peed his pants! "Elder! What's happening?! TURN ON THE LIGHT TURN ON THE LIGHT!" Haha needless to say I died from laughing! He's an awesome missionary! 
These pictures were taken from a video that Kristen Funes sent to me. She said the title said, "Here is a video of this MOUNTAIN OF A MAN-Elder Horlacher, he's a stud

 Then Trevor sent this video of him and Elder Funes teaching some Mexican kids english words and they were chanting, "BAPTIZE ME, BAPTIZE ME, BAPTIZE ME!!!!"

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