Monday, November 30, 2015

Week 58 ~ Ciudad Obregon ~ Elder Juarez

So this week we had some kinda sad new for us... 
We went to go visit with Alonso, when one of his neighbors told us that he was drinking with some people, so we went looking for him, but he was NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. So we kept walking around hoping to find him.. and after 2 days of looking for him we found him and he told us everything he did... which is that he had a relapse.  
We explained repentance to him and during the rest of the week we wanted him to feel of our love for him, so we kept visiting him, and Saturday is when he told us that he received his punishment for what he did. He got really sick, and felt horrible, couldn't sleep, and told us that he didn't understand why he had a relapse, right after he got baptized. Then he answered his own question, he said, "everyone told me before I got baptized that afterwards the challenges would get harder and the temptations would come stronger and that I needed to be strong and he knew that Satan doesn't want him to keep walking down the straight and narrow and to Come unto Christ".
I also learned with full knowledge this week that when we take a step forward in the gospel, Satan tries to attack us on our weaknesses to make us take 2 steps backwards. And us as children of God always have to have faith to Be able to feel the spirit with us that will protect us and help us!! We should never lose our FAITH because without FAITH we cannot repent, without FAITH we cannot receive revelation, without faith we cannot keep a strong testimony. 
I know that Faith is the First principle of the Gospel for a reason, because it all begins with FAITH.

They don't celebrate Thanksgiving here, so I had a sandwich for my Thanksgiving dinner. I can't wait to be able to celebrate American Holiday's when I get home, I sure miss them!!! But we did a service project that day with my district. I was very grateful to be able to give service that day. 
Also we have been teaching the family Utires Ochoa and they are still really happy with the church and gospel so far. We invited them to come to a baptism on Saturday and the mom came with us. The baptism started a hour late and she stayed the whole time without one complaint! haha But she told us that everything looks, so far so good with her family, and that we as the missionaries, are doing everything in the right way! haha  They are a great family and kids, they are taking baby steps but they are progressing!! 
20 de December!! is when we are planning their baptism! 

So for Sunday class the bishopric taught about Christmas! The bishop said something that I never thought of. He said, "In English the word Christmas is Spanglish (Spanish and English combined)  He said CHRIST in English...... MAS in Spanish is More, which means MORE CHRIST! That really stuck to me, I really liked that because that is the true reason why we celebrate Christmas, is to remember our Saviors birth! Its the only reason! 

So I invite everybody to invite Christ into your homes for Christmas this year and talk about Christ more so that you have the true spirit of Christmas in your homes! 
I love you all and hope you have a great week! 

Elder Horlacher

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